Rohit Sharma: I don’t think there is a favorite or an underdog

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Rohit Sharma: I don’t think there is a favorite or an underdog – Gudstory

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The day before the big match against Pakistan could be a challenge for India’s more experienced captains. The match attracts press and attention from everywhere. However, Rohit Sharma emerged from this press conference having proven himself as a statesman and as a cricketer, and he has no time for nonsense. From the sublime to the somewhat ridiculous, Rohit handled it all with aplomb.

Let’s get the silly stuff out of the way first, shall we? In the middle of the press conference, a reporter asked him about the tears in his eyes during the national anthem. “what are you talking about?” Rohit asked. “Tears in eyes?”

Rohit lit up the room with that and also went on to say that he cannot deny that he feels emotional when the national anthem is played.

There were serious questions too, which needed to be addressed carefully. Playing one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports, in front of the biggest crowd in all of sports – almost all of whom expect you to win – in a stadium named after your Prime Minister… When does home advantage start to become disadvantage? It’s a fair question. Rohit took a pause to think about the seriousness of the matter.

Then he said: “I don’t think there is any drawback. You feel good when you play in front of your home crowd. They support you no matter what the game mode is. My overall experience of playing, not just in India.” “Even outside India, we get tremendous support. So, I have never yet experienced the fans being against us or anything like that.

“So, I look at that as a good advantage, a big advantage. But we know that in the end it boils down to playing good cricket. Whatever it takes to win the game, you have to do it. So, yes, you can use the support, but In the end, you have to play cricket well to win the game.

“All the players are quite used to playing in front of big crowds. This can only work in your favor. It can’t work against you. A lot of the players in the team like the big crowds, the chants, the noise in the ground.” So yeah, the boys really enjoy it. Everywhere we go, people come in droves. “This is good for the team and also good for the sport in general as well.”

The pressure of expectations from such a large crowd, in such a large country, can sometimes weigh on you. Rohit was asked how he had been avoiding it in the lead-up. “I have not been on social media for nine months now,” Rohit said. “everyone [else] She has her own way of dealing with it. Some people like it, others don’t. But this is not my place to tell anyone how to do it. They have to find their own way of dealing with these matters.

“As I’ve said many times before, yes, it’s a huge game. But for us, what’s important is that we play tomorrow, which will be good. So, we just have to come up against quality opposition and play good cricket, which we did in both games.” The last two. Hopefully we can once again show some consistency in our performance and play a good game of cricket.”

There was no attempt to score psychological points either. “I do not think so [7-0 record against Pakistan in World Cups] It is a psychological advantage. Because you have to play good cricket every day. So, it’s important for us as a team, as I said, not to pay too much attention to what’s already finished. We must also pay attention to the new day, to the new opposition.

“Both teams will start on equal footing. I don’t think there’s a favorite or an underdog. Both teams are level heading into the game. It’s just about dealing with the pressure and dictating the terms.”


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