Rod Stewart in hilarious video after Saudi insult verdict – ‘It’s all about the laughs’

 – Gudstory

Rod Stewart in hilarious video after Saudi insult verdict – ‘It’s all about the laughs’ – Gudstory

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Rod Stewart has delighted fans with a new update to his Instagram page in which he shows off his “funny side”.

The clip in question shows Stewart trying her best to maintain her composure while recording material to promote her whiskey brand, Wolfies.

Stewart is the co-founder of the alcoholic beverage brand, which, according to the drink’s official website, is “inspired by Rod’s wildest days, while also embracing his ‘Cockney Scotsman’ persona and paying homage to his Scottish heritage.” “.

The Maggie May singer also says of the whiskey: “For me, Wolfies reflects the carefree behavior of my more mischievous days and the excitement of what life still has to offer. Let the good times roll!”

Clearly a project that Stewart holds close to his heart, he took to Instagram to try to create a video package to promote the drink but things soon took a strange turn.

“Everybody’s… done with it…” Stewart began in the blooper reel, before laughing at his inability to stick to the script.

Rod Stewart co-founded whiskey brand Wolfies

the countryside

The next snippet also proved unsuccessful as Stewart pulled a face after stumbling over the words: “Thank you all for this…”

The third time didn’t prove too lucky, with Stewart giving himself a pep talk in the clip, saying: “Okay here we go, actually I’ll fix it.”

In the end, Stewart won and managed to record the perfect message to promote the whiskey.

“We had a great time making Wolfies, it’s amazing to see the reaction,” he said, raising his glass. “Thank you everyone, God bless you. Good health!”

Seeing as Stewart wasn’t afraid to share the funny side of his mistake, fans quickly flooded the comments section with their reactions.

“Cheers Mister Stewart,” one fan typed fire and love heart emojis, while another wrote: “I wanna hang out with you,” followed by laughing emojis.

Elsewhere, a third praised the 78-year-old: “Roddy, I love when you show your funny side.”

Stewart’s light-hearted update comes just days after it was revealed he turned down a big money offer to perform in Saudi Arabia on ethical grounds.

rod Stewart

Rod Stewart has been a star of the stage for decades


Explaining why he ignored the Middle Eastern country, he wrote in a statement: “I am grateful that I have the choice whether or not to perform in Saudi Arabia.

“There are a lot of citizens who have extremely limited options – women, the LGBTQ community, the press.

“I would rather not go…to shed light on the injustices there and spark positive change.”

A source supported Stewart’s statement, telling the Mirror: “Rod was determined to do the right thing and couldn’t accept the offer, no matter how much money was on the table. Some things are more important.”


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