Photo ID required to buy acid online: Consumer protection body

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Photo ID required to buy acid online: Consumer protection body – Gudstory

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New Delhi: Buying acid from e-commerce platforms will no longer be easy as the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) on Wednesday directed all online platforms to make it mandatory for buyers to upload a government-issued photo ID.

The government said in an official order that the idea is to ensure that no person below the age of 18 years buys acid.

Additionally, the CCPA has directed e-commerce companies to require separate undertaking from acid sellers before including them on their platforms.

According to the order, online shopping platforms will now have to ensure that the buyer discloses the specific reason for purchasing the acid as part of the purchase process.

An official statement issued by the authority said that the CCPA, which is headed by Chief Commissioner Nidhi Khare, on Wednesday issued orders to all major e-commerce companies in view of concerns regarding the safety of consumers and citizens from such unregulated sale of acid. Notice has been issued to commerce players. ,

The statement said, “All e-commerce platforms have been asked to immediately incorporate appropriate mechanisms to ensure that acid is not purchased on their platforms in violation of the mandatory requirements of the rules notified by the respective state governments. “

Citing CCPA security guidelines under Section 18(2), the release said, “The sale will be made only when the buyer presents a government-issued photo ID containing the address of the person and proving that he is at least 18 years of age.” is more.” (j) Consumer Protection Act, 2019.

CCPA, being the watchdog of consumer interests in India, has detected the sale of highly corrosive acids on e-commerce platforms. It said the availability of dangerous acids in such a free and easily accessible manner could be dangerous and unsafe for consumers and the general public.

Consumer protection is one of the objectives of the Preamble of the Act as consumer rights as defined under section 2(9) of the Act include the right to be protected against the marketing of goods, products or services which are dangerous to life and property.

The ministry said the notice has been issued after it was observed that there is neither a requirement to produce photo ID nor any way by which the purpose of purchasing the acid can be recorded by the e-commerce platform before placing the order. Could.

“Also, there is no real mechanism by which the age of the buyer is verified before placing the order. It said that enabling the purchase of acid in this manner on e-commerce platforms is a clear violation of the directions of the Supreme Court of India and the advisory of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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Updated: Nov 29, 2023, 10:36 PM IST


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