Paddy McGuinness ‘devastated’ by BBC’s decision to ax A Question of Sport, as comedian opens up

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Paddy McGuinness ‘devastated’ by BBC’s decision to ax A Question of Sport, as comedian opens up – Gudstory

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Paddy McGuinness has admitted he is ‘devastated’ by the BBC’s decision to ax A Question of Sport.

The broadcaster recently confirmed that the show was not in production, saying in a statement: “Due to inflation and funding challenges, difficult decisions have to be made, so Questions of Sport is not currently in production.”

McGuinness became presenter of the show in 2021, following the departure of Sue Barker.

However, less than two years have passed, and it is unclear what the future holds for the program and the staff involved.

paddy mcguinness

Paddy McGuinness is ‘devastated’ by A Question of Sport cancellation

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McGuinness has now appeared on the Stick to Football podcast, where he spoke with the likes of Ian Wright, Gary Neville and Roy Keane.

And the comedian has admitted he finds the BBC’s decision ‘devastating’.

When Neville was asked about the show’s cancellation, he said, “Oh my God.”

“Absolutely devastated (it got cancelled).

“It’s like management, football, you go in, do your best, and that’s it.

“But telly, you can be on a show and it will go on and on and on, or it will end and you move on, it’s just the nature of the beast.”

However, McGuinness predicts that it will return to screens one day.

And he also highlighted how much he enjoyed his role.

“But when it comes to the game, when they stopped it – and honestly think if it’s the captain, I, whatever, whatever the reason, they say it’s budget stuff, but it’s all kinds of stuff. Is – I just think, it’s going to come back,” he added.

“Because I’m a fan of it.

“Being among the players, three shows every day, the players – sports I am not much interested in, badminton or something – I loved it.

“It’s one of those where it’s a heritage show – it’s like Match of the Day, I know there are other football shows out there – but there are some shows you watch and you say, ‘Oh my God’ .

“When I got that call I never hesitated.

“I loved it, and I really hope, whether it’s me or someone else, it comes back.”

Meanwhile, Barker revealed in an interview earlier this month that A Question of Sport was his favorite show.

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sue barker

Paddy McGuinness replaces Sue Barker as host of A Question of Sport in 2021


And she, like McGuinness, is hopeful the program will continue again one day.

“I am extremely saddened that my favorite show has been axed,” she told The Telegraph.

“I loved watching it with my father as a child and then had the privilege of taking over as host in 1997.

“From there I spent 24 fun-filled years duking it out with amazing captains. “I really hope it comes back one day.”

Barker previously claimed his departure from the BBC show was ‘disgraceful’.


Paddy McGuinness hopes BBC will revive A Question of Sport in the future


But she still holds the program in high regard.

“Obviously I’m very disappointed because it’s a show that means a lot to me,” he told the Daily Mail.


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