OnePlus’s first mechanical keyboard is on sale today for $40 off


OnePlus’s first mechanical keyboard is on sale today for $40 off -Gudstory

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As OnePlus continues to expand its reach outside China and India, it’s doing so with more than just phones. Take oneplus keyboard 81 proFor example, that’s on sale right now from OnePlus for $179 ($40 off) in a Winter Bonfire configuration with double-shot PBT keycaps and tactile switches, or a Summer Breeze configuration with lighter “marble-mallow” keycaps and linear switches. Is. $199 ($40 off).

In many ways, OnePlus’s first mechanical keyboard serves as a redesigned Keychron Q1 Pro – our current pick for the best premium Bluetooth keyboard – with a few additional changes. The wireless, 75 percent board features an adjustable kickstand with cylindrical keycaps that give it a cooler, more modern feel than the Q1 Pro. It can be re-mapped using the VIA app, features hot-swappable switches, and includes the ability to toggle between Windows and Mac keyboard layouts with the flip of a switch, which makes it a little less expensive. Makes a great Keychron alternative.

In case you missed it, there’s a new entry-level Apple Pencil on the block. However, in most cases, we’d recommend opting for Apple’s first- or second-gen stylus, both of which offer more advanced features than the latest models. Thanks to those who got an iPad during the holidays second generation pencil While on sale for $89 ($40 off) at Amazon and Best Buy first generation model Can be found with USB-C adapter at Amazon and Best Buy for $79 ($20 off).

There are a few things worth noting in terms of differences between the original Apple Pencil and its second-gen counterpart. Both feature pressure and tilt sensitivity, though the latter also supports tap gestures and the hover feature on M2-equipped iPad Pros. Additionally, the second generation charges magnetically when attached to the side of your tablet, while the first generation model either relies on a bundled USB-C adapter or plugs directly into the Lightning port on older iPad models. . Finally, in terms of compatibility, the second-generation model works with the latest iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, while the first-generation Pencil is made for use with older slates and the latest entry-level iPads – including 10th is also included. -Last year’s Zen model.


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