Old beef still sells.  Just ask the Cowboys and Jimmie Johnson

 – Gudstory

Old beef still sells. Just ask the Cowboys and Jimmie Johnson – Gudstory

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As long as 90s beef nostalgia is still in vogue, I’ll never get old. I was only a child then. A child watched the results in the Chicago Sun-Times and followed the daily drama of 1997 Chicago Bulls Negotiating contracts. Even when I was young I realized that Jimmie Johnson and Dallas Cowboys Parting ways after back-to-back Super Bowl championships was strange. But 1994 was still a little early for me to recognize the arrogance of guys like Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Jones.

Fast forward to 2023, I’m a sportswriter in my mid-30s, the Bulls and Chicago White Sox We are Uninteresting, at bestBoth Jones and Johnson were enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, the Cowboys’ famous Ring of Honor is missing the head coach responsible for two of their five Super Bowl championships. A coach who was willing to trade one of the most recognizable faces in football – the man who… He tried to be a senatorr in Georgia last year — to build one of the most dominant teams in NFL history.

Johnson’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame before the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor award is a wrong that can’t be fully corrected, but at least he’s receiving his flowers from the franchise now on national television. On Saturday, at halftime of the Cowboys vs. Detroit LionsABC will broadcast the ceremony – with Troy Aikman as emcee – for Johnson’s induction into the Ring of Honor.

The network decided to scrap the halftime report to show a group of people hugging and had not worked together since before Google was invented. A decision that any logic programming department must make after its success The last dance.

Of course, this was early in the pandemic when there wasn’t much to watch, but the documentary resonated for years. In 2021, Scottie Pippen went on a publicity stunt to promote his bourbon and his upcoming autobiography. We’ve created weeks of content by He aired his frustrations With Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan brought back to the forefront of his mind The last dance.

Since then, Isiah Thomas has taken every opportunity to do so Remind the world that it “met the criteria” To be considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Personally, I’ve always considered him a legend, but seeing Jordan get all that glory has led to some great-devouring hate.

While there are millions of sports fans who are not old enough to retrieve an old one A year in VHS sports tapes What was YouTube for sports fans during the 1990s, these old feuds are as interesting as if they happened last week.

The Bulls make their debut themselves Ring of honor In January. The process of rebuilding the franchise that Reinsdorf and the late Jerry Krause deemed necessary in 1998 is still ongoing. All the great Bulls players of the past have already had their jerseys retired, and Phil Jackson and Krause even have banners in the same section of the United Center. But bulls have more nostalgia to sell it, because they know it still has value.

There are sports fans in 2023 who don’t even remember Tony Romo fumbling the ball while attempting a field goal in the 2007 playoffs. Last season, the average age of NFL players was just over 26 years old. That means most players currently in the NFL didn’t even have an idea when Jones and Johnson won their last Super Bowl together in 1994. The stadium where that game was held — the Georgia Dome — wasn’t even two years old at the time. It was demolished six years ago.

People still have an appetite for what happened more than 30 years ago, so periodicals may continue to feed us. The Bulls and Cowboys’ efforts to rebuild as champions after a decade of dominance are still a work in progress. But benefiting from past success is a guaranteed profit that does not require work in the present.


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