Mickey Arthur: “It didn’t look like an ICC event, it looked like a BCCI event”

 – Gudstory

Mickey Arthur: “It didn’t look like an ICC event, it looked like a BCCI event” – Gudstory

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The number of people who were in the crowd on Saturday in Ahmedabad has not been announced, but you would have had no difficulty counting the number of green shirts in the stands. This number is likely to reach three, all Pakistani Americans from the United States.

The crowd could have been anywhere from 115,000 to 125,000, so it was the sea of ​​blue that welcomed both teams to the national anthem. It remained that way until the end of the match, with the decibel levels rising as India moved closer and closer to completing their chase of 192 with seven wickets in hand.

Mickey Arthur, the Pakistan team manager, did not want to use this as an excuse for the loss, but nonetheless questioned the one-sided nature of the fan base.

“Look, I’d be lying if I said that [not affect us]”It doesn’t feel like an ICC event to be very honest,” Arthur said when asked about the partisan build-up. It looked like a two-part series. It looked like a BCCI event. I could not hear Dil Dil Pakistan Come through the microphones more often tonight.

“So yes, that plays a role, but I won’t use that as an excuse because for us it was about living in the moment, it was about the next ball, it was about how you face the opposition. Indian players tonight.”

The lack of green in the stands is partly because Pakistani fans do not have visas to attend the tournament. And it wasn’t too different for the traveling Pakistani media contingent. As of Friday, only three out of 60 Pakistani journalists – out of a long list of 355 original applications – had received visas, and that too after a long delay.

This is in stark contrast to the situation in 2016, when India last hosted a world championship. Or perhaps even the 2011 World Cup, when BCCI facilitated 6,500 visas for Pakistani fans traveling to the Mohali semi-final alone.

As a follow-up, Arthur was asked if such a situation should be allowed at world events. It’s a killer question. “Look, I don’t think I can’t comment on that yet,” he said. “I don’t want to be fined.”

“Of course so [a sea of blue] This will be the case. “We are really sad that our supporters are not here,” he said. “They love being here and I am sure Indian cricket fans will love our supporters here as well.

“It was definitely unusual in that way, there was no familiar music for us today. So it didn’t feel like a World Cup match, honestly. We didn’t expect anything else. [But] We love this occasion and we are disappointed that we did not do justice to this occasion or to our many fans at home and around the world.”


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