Luke Littler says Alois Milburn story ‘made up’ for the glory of Dutch masters as darts star gun

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Luke Littler says Alois Milburn story ‘made up’ for the glory of Dutch masters as darts star gun – Gudstory

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Luke Littler has claimed stories of him meeting girlfriend Eloise Milburn while playing FIFA are ‘made up’ as the darts star took glory at the Dutch Masters.

The teenager has quickly become a household name with some excellent performances over the past month or so.

Littler made the final of the World Darts Championship in early January, before losing to world No. 1 Luke Humphreys.

However, he has since won the Bahrain Masters, and is now looking to add another senior title to his growing collection.

luke littler eloise milburn

Luke Littler says rumors he met Eloise Milburn at FIFA are ‘made up’


While Littler is currently in the Netherlands, his girlfriend Eloise has been cheering him on from home.

And the darts star has now clarified how they met, insisting the claims they met after meeting at FIFA are ‘made up’.

“No!” he told the Guardian when asked about that speculation. “That was a strange story they made up.

“We met on a development tour in Leicester in August but eventually became friends [tournament] In Milton Keynes.”

Littler also admitted that both he and Eloise faced online abuse when news of their relationship first broke.

But this is something the 17-year-old is not paying any attention to.

“We knew people would find out [about their relationship] But it got off to a bad start,” he said.

“As the weeks go by [the abuse of Milburn on social media] Almost forgotten. We have been talking for the last few months.

“I’ve taken it around the world, been to finals and people can say whatever they want. It’s not going to affect me or my mental strength.

“Now I have some people making my Instagram and they delete it before I even see it.”

Littler is currently preparing for his blockbuster rematch with Luke Humphries.

Humphries dominated the teenager when they met at Alexandra Palace at the beginning of the month.

And the darts star admitted he hasn’t watched their match yet.

When asked if he had re-watched his performances over the past few weeks, he said, “Yes, every one except the final.”

“As soon as that double two was gone, I didn’t need to look at anything else.”

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luke littler eloise milburn

Luke Littler and Eloise Milburn are happy with their relationship


However, Littler insists he has recovered from that defeat.

“I got over it straight away,” the youngster said.

“Getting to the final was a bonus because I just wanted to win one game.

“You have to come back stronger. That’s what I did in Bahrain.”

“People might say the Worlds was a one-off, but it certainly wasn’t because I won my first World Series. [tournament] And my first attempt at checking things off the bucket list is complete.

luke littler

Luke Littler is trying to capture Dutch Masters glory this winter


“Now I would like to win any major title this year.”

Littler is also set to make his Premier League Darts debut soon.

The teenager would face Humphries in that competition, a rivalry that would enthrall fans for years to come.


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