Luke Littler and Eloise Milburn send candid messages after suffering abuse over age gap in relationship

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Luke Littler and Eloise Milburn send candid messages after suffering abuse over age gap in relationship – Gudstory

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Luke Littler and Eloise Milburn are feuding over their relationship and the pair are facing online abuse.

Littler has become a household name over the past few weeks, with the 17-year-old enjoying a sensational start to his darts career.

The teenager is in a relationship with Alois, herself an amateur darts player.

But online trolls have targeted the pair because of their age difference, with Eloise currently four years older than her other half.

luke littler eloise milburn

Luke Littler and Eloise Milburn have defended their relationship after receiving vile abuse from online trolls


However, the pair have now come out and publicly defended their relationship – which has received a lot of abuse on social media.

Speaking to The Guardian, Littler insisted the hate is not going to have any effect on him or his mental health – while also revealing he’s taking steps to limit the amount of abuse he sees. are being raised.

“We knew people would find out [about their relationship] But it got off to a bad start,” he said.

“As the weeks go by [the abuse of Milburn on social media] Almost forgotten.

“We have been talking for the last few months.

“I’ve taken him around the world, been to finals and people can say whatever they want.

“It won’t affect me or my mental strength.

“Now I have some people making my Instagram and they delete it before I even see it.”

Eloise has also addressed the abuse she has faced on social media.

The 21-year-old says it was hard to deal with initially but she has now adjusted and would rather focus on those who support the couple – rather than condemn them.

“It was hard to start with. The first day I let it get to me,” he said.

“But you learn that as long as you’re both happy, that’s all that matters. The people who matter most support us.”

The couple can certainly count on the support of Eloise’s mother, Amanda, who defended the pair earlier this month.

“There are a lot of horrible things being posted online about my daughter and my husband Phil and I’m very angry about it,” she told the Daily Mail.

“Eloise has been accused of all kinds of things and she’s only with Luke because of his money and fame.

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luke littler eloise milburn

Luke Littler and Eloise Milburn are happy with their relationship


“But this is a complete pack of lies and disgusting.

“He is not with her for any of these reasons.

“She doesn’t care about his money or his fame, she’s with him because she likes him. It’s that simple.”

He added: “It’s really sad when we read these comments, many of them from so-called darts fans.

“My daughter is nothing like what these mean people are making up.

luke littler

Luke Littler is hoping to win the Dutch Masters and the second senior title of his career


“She’s a sweet young girl who is in a new relationship and people should give her permission to pursue things.”

Littler is currently in action at the Dutch Masters.

He is hoping to win that event having won the Bahrain Masters earlier this month – winning the first senior title of his career in the process.


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