Liverpool fans mourn ‘nightmare’ as Jurgen Klopp confirms he is leaving Anfield at the end of the season

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Liverpool fans mourn ‘nightmare’ as Jurgen Klopp confirms he is leaving Anfield at the end of the season – Gudstory

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Liverpool fans have expressed their sadness on social media after Jurgen Klopp confirmed he is leaving the club.

The German has been in charge of the Reds since replacing Brendan Rodgers in October 2015.

Liverpool have become a force to be reckoned with under Klopp and have won prestigious trophies such as the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup during his tenure.

They currently top the Premier League table, five points ahead of Manchester City with one game more to play.

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp has confirmed he is leaving Liverpool at the end of the season


And Liverpool fans have taken to social media to mourn Klopp’s impending departure, with the 56-year-old set to leave his post at the end of the season.

“Wake me up from this nightmare,” one frustrated user said.

“Please tell me this is a joke? I beg you,” were the words of a second unhappy fan.

A third said: “Somebody needs to wake me up from this nightmare.”

A fourth said: “What nonsense.”

A fifth gushed, saying: “Great, what a manager we had. Made me fall in love with the club again during a time of struggle. Thanks Jurgen for everything.”

“Without question a statue and stand should be named after him.”

A sixth lamented Klopp’s exit, saying: “Disappointed in an understatement!!!!

“He’s one of the greatest players of all time, and I wish him all the best. Thank you for being honest and respecting the fans with the truth from your mouth. Good luck to you all!!”

And a seventh pleaded with Klopp to stay, saying: “Please, Klopp, don’t leave Liverpool.”

Klopp, speaking to Liverpool’s official website, revealed that he had informed the Reds of his desire to move back in November.

“I told the club back in November,” he revealed. Most things happen around things like this.

“It means that a season starts and you already plan a lot for the next season.

“When we sat there together and talked about potential signings, the next summer camp and whether we could go anywhere, the thought came, ‘I’m not sure I belong here anymore’ and that brought me to myself. Caught by surprise. I start thinking about it clearly.

“It didn’t start [then], but certainly last season was an extremely difficult season and there were moments when at other clubs perhaps the decision would have been, ‘Well, thanks very much for everything but maybe we should part ways here, or call it quits here. Should be abolished. Obviously this did not happen here.

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Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool fans mourn Jurgen Klopp’s impending departure


“It was very, very, very important for me to help get this team back on track.

“It was everything I was thinking about. When I realized very early on that it happened, this is a really good team with huge potential and a super age group, super characters and all that Then I could start thinking about myself again and this was the result.

“This is not what I want [do]This is what I think is 100 percent correct.

And the German wants Liverpool to ‘go for it’ and end his tenure on a high with still plenty of matches left.

“We will have a moment, maybe the last matchday here or somewhere else – I mean in other countries or other competitions,” he said.

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

Liverpool have won every major trophy under Jurgen Klopp, while the German will leave at the end of the season


“There’s plenty of time to do these kinds of things. Now let’s really get on with it.”

“The outside world wants to take advantage of this decision, want to laugh at it, want to harass us.

“We are Liverpool, we have been through tough things together. And you went through hard things before me.

“Let’s build on this strength. It’ll be really cool. Let’s squeeze everything out of this season and have one more thing to smile about when we look back in the future.”


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