Lionel Richie is ‘thrilled’ about daughter Sofia’s pregnancy: ‘He couldn’t stop the tears’ (Exclusive)

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Lionel Richie is ‘thrilled’ about daughter Sofia’s pregnancy: ‘He couldn’t stop the tears’ (Exclusive) – Gudstory

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Lionel Richie She is excited to become grandparents again when her youngest daughter, Sofia Richie Gringewelcomes her first child with her husband, elliot grainge,

“Lionel is absolutely thrilled for Sophia and Elliot. When they told him and the family they were expecting their first child, he was over the moon,” a source tells exclusively. Us Weekly. “Sophia is Lionel’s youngest, and it was a very bittersweet moment for her as she realized her baby had grown up and was going to be a mother. He could not stop his tears.”

Richie Grainge, 25, announced her pregnancy on Thursday, January 25. the trend That she is expecting a daughter.

“It was a very happy moment for him,” says the insider of the 74-year-old singer. Lionel and lucian [Grainge, Elliot’s dad], have been close for years, so they’re definitely celebrating this incredible time together. Lionel’s heart is full of love for both of them, and he knows they are going to be wonderful parents.

Richie Grainge is the only daughter of Richie and his ex-wife diane alexander, who also share son Miles. The model informed her future grandparents of the news of her pregnancy by hiding several positive tests inside an Hermès box.

Lionel Richie is thrilled about daughter Sofia's first pregnancy

Lionel Richie and Sofia Richie Michael Kovac/Getty Images for EJAF

Richie Grainge recalled, “We went over to Elliot’s parents, who live about five minutes away from us, and I think I had a box… and I told everyone I Bought her a gift from Milan Fashion Week.” the trend. “Everyone was like, ‘Oh, Hermes!’ But then they opened it and it had all three pregnancy tests in it [in it], We told this to all our parents. It was really great to see their reactions, from ‘I’m going to get an expensive gift’ to ‘I’m going to get a grandchild.’

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Lionel is already a grandfather to the eldest daughter nicole richieI have two children with my husband joel madden, (Lionel and his first ex-wife, Brenda HarveyNicole was adopted when she was 9 years old.)

Lionel said in a statement in 2008, “It may take me a little time to adjust to being called a grandfather, but I am extremely happy and proud of Nicole and Joel.” “Harlow Winter Kate Madden, the newest and most beautiful member of the Ritchie clan, is one lucky little girl. She was surrounded by so much love in that hospital as soon as she entered the world. Nicole and Joel are going to be amazing parents.

Nicole and Madden, 44, welcomed son Sparrow a year later.

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