Lindsay Lohan poses for rare photo with sister Ali on her birthday: ‘I love you so much’

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Lindsay Lohan poses for rare photo with sister Ali on her birthday: ‘I love you so much’ – Gudstory

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Lindsey lohan and his younger sister, Aliana “Ali” LohanAs close as ever.

“Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister!!!!!!!!! I love you so much! God bless you🎂celebrates❤️🙏❤,” Lindsay, 37, captioned a carousel of photos with Ali, 30, to celebrate her little sister’s big day on Friday, December 22. One snapshot was a smiling selfie of the two, while the other showed the two bikini-clad sisters sitting together in the pool.

In addition to the sisters frequently hanging out together, Ali has also developed a relationship with Lindsay’s husband, badr shammasWhom he married in April 2022. The couple has a 5-month-old son, Louis.

Ali posted two photo booth picture strips via Instagram on December 8, which featured several awkward photos with Lindsay, 36, and Shammas. Lindsay responded with a red heart emoji, “Grateful,” she captioned the post.

Lindsay remained in the spotlight throughout her life as a child actor who later found success as an adult, despite Ali saying that she “never felt” like she was in the “shadow” of her famous sister. Are.

“I would have been doing this with or without my sister Lindsay Lohan,” Ali, now a singer, told People In July. “And Lindsay knows this, and Lindsay would have been doing this with or without her being my sister. We have grown up with it around us.”

That being said, Ali was attracted to her career because of Lindsay, explaining, “I felt like I was always born to do this. … I’ve grown up on sets my whole life watching my older sister become a superstar and make it look so effortless.

Ali is not completely ignorant about Lindsay’s life experiences as she also started recording her first album at a very young age, lohan holiday, at just 9 years old. Since then, the sisters have appeared on screen together for the Netflix film fall for christmas In November 2022.

“Working with Lindsay was incredible,” Ali, who contributed several songs to the soundtrack, previously told People, “After doing a Christmas album, being able to put my music in a Christmas movie was pretty full circle. Even for my kids in the future, it will be great to say, ‘Mommy did a song in her sister’s movie and she was able to act with her.’ I really don’t have many words. I’m very grateful.”

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Despite living in Dubai, Lindsay detailed on her family group chat that she is still “very tight” with her family, which includes Ali, her mother. Despicableand his brother, michael And Cody,

“We’re in a family group chat and we talk about everything every day,” the Mean Girls actress said. “We are all best friends – my brother, my sister, they are my best friends. it’s the best. This is what makes you even stronger as women of the world, [knowing] That you have your team behind you.”


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