Discover the Best Water Park Experience in Ajmer – Kings Island Bijaynagar

Discover the Best Water Park Experience in Ajmer – Kings Island Bijaynagar

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Looking for a fantastic water park in Ajmer that’s all about fun, excitement, and relaxation? Well, your search ends here with Kings Island Bijaynagar, one of the top water parks in the city. This park has thrilling water rides, slides, and cool stuff for everyone, making it a must-visit spot.


Ajmer, a city in Rajasthan, India, is famous for its history, culture, and beautiful surroundings. Besides its historical sites and temples, Ajmer offers modern attractions too. One such place is Kings Island Bijaynagar, a water park loved by both locals and tourists.

Kings Island Bijaynagar

What is Kings Island Bijaynagar, Ajmer?

Kings Island Bijaynagar is a water park situated in Bijaynagar, close to Ajmer. It’s a place where you can enjoy various water rides, slides, and attractions suitable for all ages and tastes. From thrilling slides to chill wave pools, Kings Island Bijaynagar has it all.


Why Visit Kings Island Bijaynagar, Ajmer?

Kings Island Bijaynagar is a fantastic spot to escape the heat and relax with friends and family. Whether you seek an adrenaline rush or a laid-back day, this park has something for you. With rides, attractions, and amenities, it guarantees a memorable experience.


Location and Hours

If you’re searching for a “water park near me,” Kings Island Bijaynagar is easy to reach by road, about 60 kilometers from Ajmer. It’s open daily from 9 am to 6 pm, and there’s ample parking available.


Admission and Tickets

Ticket prices vary based on age and height. Kids under 3 years and under 3 feet tall get in free. Adults and taller children pay Rs. 400 on weekdays and Rs. 500 on weekends and holidays.


Rides and Attractions

The park boasts thrilling water slides for the brave, a wave pool for a beach-like experience, a lazy river for a peaceful float, and a kids’ zone for little ones.


Food and Drinks

You won’t go hungry at Kings Island Bijaynagar, with options ranging from fast food to full meals. Vending machines and water fountains are scattered throughout the park.


Locker and Changing Rooms

For convenience, the park provides lockers to store your stuff and changing rooms for switching into swimwear.


Safety Measures

Safety is a priority, with lifeguards at each attraction. Visitors must follow safety rules, wear appropriate swimwear, and listen to staff.



The park is wheelchair-friendly, and staff are ready to help visitors with disabilities.


Events and Parties

Besides regular fun, Kings Island Bijaynagar hosts events and parties. You can book it for private events like birthdays or corporate outings.


Tips for Your Visit

Beat the Crowds by Planning Ahead and Arriving Early

Wear comfortable swimwear.

Bring sunscreen, towels, and essentials.

Follow safety rules and staff instructions.

Stay hydrated and take breaks when needed.



Kings Island Bijaynagar is undoubtedly one of Ajmer’s best water parks, offering rides, attractions, and amenities for everyone. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just want a relaxing day out, this park ensures an unforgettable experience you’ll cherish.


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