Jessa Duggar gives birth to baby No. 5 with husband Ben Seewald

 – Gudstory

Jessa Duggar gives birth to baby No. 5 with husband Ben Seewald – Gudstory

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Jessa Duggar gives birth to baby No. 5 with husband Ben Seewald
Courtesy of Jessa Duggar/Instagram

jessa duggar and her husband, ben seewaldwelcomed their fifth child on Tuesday, December 19, after previously suffering a miscarriage.

“Baby is here and we couldn’t be more grateful!” Duggar, 31, wrote via Instagram Shared a hospital photo with her newborn son on Saturday, December 23.

counting on The alum also shared a link to that youtube Channel, where he detailed his birth story.

“So, after about 12 hours of hard work, I was moved [from an emergency room bed] I went up to my room and right after that I was able to get an epidural,” she recalled in the social media video. “And it worked great on one side and on the other side it was kind of spotty. It wasn’t perfect tech, but I would say it was 80 percent better than what it was before I took it.”

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Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald married in November 2014 and have been growing their family ever since. The couple announced their first pregnancy five months after their marriage. “Ben and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting a baby!!!” Jessa, one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 children, wrote via Twitter (now) […]

When Duggar’s doctor told her the baby was still “pretty much up,” she decided to “put off” the epidural. Duggar then followed her midwife’s advice to try different positions to try to turn the baby. Once the baby started coming down, Duggar felt more contractions and doctors had to administer the epidural again.

Duggar was accompanied to the hospital by her husband Seewald, 28, and her mother. Michelle,

“The sweetest moment [was] When they picked up the baby and laid them on top of me,” Jessa said in the video. “Just holding him there, I think there were a lot of emotions in that moment [and] A lot of things you’re processing. It has been a year since we lost our last child and there is a flood of emotions.

The couple, who tied the knot in November 2014, are already parents to sons Spurgeon and Henry and daughters Ivy and Fern.

Duggar announced in September 2023 that she was pregnant. “After a heartbreaking loss last year, we are so grateful to God for blessing us with a rainbow baby,” she wrote via her Instagram Story at the time, including a link to a YouTube video about the news. “

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19 kids and counting The alum showed off her positive pregnancy test in a video shared via the family’s YouTube channel. “Just last week we got some amazing news that our rainbow baby is on the way,” she said. “We couldn’t be more excited.”

Six months ago, Duggar revealed that she had a miscarriage. “Nobody could have prepared me for the weight of those words at that moment,” she recalled in February 2023, adding that she “immediately started crying” as she and Seewald “processed the loss.” “Trying” had started. [while] Sitting there and holding hands and crying.”

Duggar opened up about the moments before undergoing the D&C procedure. “Right when they were taking me back [to the operating room], I just wanted to ask, like, ‘Just, can I have another ultrasound please? Please, somebody check, make sure,” he said. “I was worried that maybe they had done something wrong. …You know it’s illogical, but you just feel scared.”

Duggar — who previously suffered another miscarriage before welcoming daughter Fern — remembered “feeling hollow inside” after the procedure because “the life that was inside of you was no longer there and you never got to see your baby.” Didn’t get a chance to see and say goodbye.”

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Over the years, Duggar has been open about how her life changed when she became a mother. “I think there were a lot of things that made me think, ‘I totally know how to do this. I’ve been around kids,’ but when it’s your own child, it’s just different. ,’ she exclusively told us weekly In July 2020. “For one, it’s your responsibility.”

As she navigated parenthood, Duggar turned to experienced moms for advice. “I’m constantly reaching out to moms who are a season ahead of me, like my own mother, saying, ‘Hey, do you have a kid with this personality?’ or ‘Have you dealt with this issue before?’ Or ‘How do you keep yourself calm?'” she explained. “If I feel like I’m getting frustrated over little things, I always ask my mom that. I definitely listen to my mom.” I admire patience.”


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