Israel war: Hamas releases propaganda video previewing paraglider attack on civilians fleeing Gaza Strip

Israel war: Hamas releases propaganda video previewing paraglider attack on civilians fleeing Gaza Strip

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Hamas militants attacked motorized paragliders in Israel during a lightning strike yesterday morning, while thousands of rockets rained down on the south of the country.

The footage shows squads of Palestinians crossing the border from planes, spreading fear and chaos among terrified families before touching down and opening fire on Israeli civilians and soldiers.

Palestinians used this method to breach Israel’s fortress-like defenses around the Gaza Strip.

Starting at 7 am British time, terrorists fired about 2,500 missiles at Israel. As they rained down on major cities, and even as far away as Tel Aviv, about 50 miles away, fighters used explosives to breach the border fence. Convoys of motorcycles and pick-up trucks then crossed into Israel, while other terrorists reportedly jumped into heavily armed speedboats to attack the naval defenses.

As the surprise coordinated attack took hold, Hamas released footage online showing its men training on fast paragliders ahead of the attack. Each pilot was armed with a machine gun, from which they began firing as soon as they landed before attacking nearby buildings.

This was part of a strategy to spread maximum panic among Israelis awake on the last day of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

As Hamas fighters entered the country, they targeted civilians, with the first victims being young Israelis at an open-air concert in the desert. The footage showed revelers climbing into cars to try to flee the attackers in Beer Sheva.

Nearby, in the city of Nahal Oz, frightened residents were forced to hide inside their homes.

As the day wore on, people were seen fighting gun battles at brutal close quarters in the towns, and soon bodies piled up in the streets – including civilians – in one of the deadliest attacks the country has seen in years. Came across as an attack.

Hamas also began rounding up hostages, an elderly woman was kidnapped and loaded into a golf buggy which was driven back into Gaza.

Another woman was trapped between two fighters riding a motorcycle. Horrific images also show a naked female Israeli being driven through the streets on the back of a truck. Another woman was seen being held hostage and loaded into a military truck, while a young man was seen having his pants pulled down and strangled before being paraded around.

An elderly woman suffering from dementia was among those brutally paraded by the terrorists.

Saleh Arouri, a top Hamas official, told Al-Jazeera TV that his group held “a large number” of Israeli prisoners, including senior officials, adding that they could be used in a prisoner exchange to free Palestinian detainees held in Israeli prisons. Will be done in the deal.

Palestinians also captured Israeli military vehicles and drove them through the streets of Gaza. The body of a dead Israeli soldier was seen being dragged out and trampled by the crowd.


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