Israel-Hamas war: Who bombed Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza killing 500?  Israel and Islamic Jihad are engaged in accusations and counter-accusations

 – Gudstory

Israel-Hamas war: Who bombed Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza killing 500? Israel and Islamic Jihad are engaged in accusations and counter-accusations – Gudstory

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During the initial hours after the explosion, the Gaza civil defense leader said that about 300 people had been killed, while health ministry sources gave a figure of 500. reuters‘ Report.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Palestinian militants for the blast. He said, “The whole world must know: it was barbaric terrorists in Gaza who attacked the hospital in Gaza, not the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).” IDF spokesman RADM. Daniel Hagari said that Islamic Jihad is responsible for the rocket attack on the hospital in Gaza.

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The Palestinian militant organization Islamic Jihad dismissed the Israeli military’s claims that it was behind the attack on a Gaza hospital, which resulted in hundreds of deaths, as “false and baseless.”

It says, “The Zionist enemy is doing its best to avoid responsibility for the brutal massacre it carried out by bombing the Baptist Arab National Hospital in Gaza by fabricating lies and blaming the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine.” said in a statement on Wednesday, as reported AFP,

According to the statement, it said the hospital “had received a global notice for evacuation under threat of bombing.”

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In response, the Israeli military claimed that the hospital was attacked by a rocket fired by Palestinian militants from the Islamic Jihad group.

Iran, which supports Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Lebanon-based Islamist group Hezbollah, has warned Israel that tensions will escalate if it fails to end aggression against Palestinians. reuters informed of.

What is Palestine Islamic Jihad (PJI) and how is it different from Hamas?

Founded in Gaza in 1979, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) is one of the two primary Palestinian terrorist organizations in Gaza, the other being the ruling Hamas group, according to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

While both groups cooperate, PIJ differs from Hamas by refusing to engage in negotiations with Israel.

Since the 1980s, PIJ has been responsible for numerous attacks on Israel, including mortar and rocket attacks. Their campaign will continue until 2023 and they have collaborated with the Hezbollah terrorist group to conduct joint operations.

Who is the leader of Islamic Jihad?

Led by Ziad al-Nakhalla and an eight-member leadership council known as the General Bureau (al-Maktab al-Am), Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) maintains a 15-member political council, composed of PIJ members in various countries. represents. In areas including Gaza, the West Bank, Israeli prisons, and abroad.

From which source does PIJ receive financial support?

Islamic Jihad receives its main financial support, military training and weapons from Iran.

Additionally, Hezbollah provides a safe haven to PIJ leaders and representatives in Lebanon, making it easier for Iran to support Islamic Jihad. The group also engages in joint training activities with Hamas.

In addition, the PIJ maintains an extensive tunnel network to facilitate the smuggling of various goods, weapons and ammunition across international borders, a CIA report said.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Embassy in Syria tweeted, ‘Time is up.’

Russia’s Foreign Ministry condemned the attack on the hospital in Gaza, which resulted in the deaths of several Palestinians, calling it a shocking crime.

The ministry urged Israel to produce satellite imagery as proof of its non-involvement in the attack. Israeli envoy to India Naor Gillon described the incident as an “inhumane” crime, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Radio Sputnik.

(with inputs from agencies)

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Updated: October 18, 2023, 11:41 am IST


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