Is there anyone willing to play, marry or kill for some fringe team in the NFL?

 – Gudstory

Is there anyone willing to play, marry or kill for some fringe team in the NFL? – Gudstory

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Heading into the final two weeks of the NFL season, the Colts, Texans, Steelers, Bengals, Raiders, Broncos, Rams, Seahawks, Vikings, Falcons, Packers, Buccaneers and Saints are still alive for a playoff spot while just one game away. .500. Of those 12 organizations, which do you think has the best chance of winning the Super Bowl?

The answer is betting According to oddsmakersThe Rams, Seahawks and Bucs are at +6600. But the realistic response is: “Nobody.” At some point this year, every potential playoff team has wiped their ass on the mat.

Choosing the least trustworthy among the disappointing dozens is an equally difficult task. POV, Marry, Kill: Aiden O’Connell, Taylor Heineke, or Gardner Minshew? I’ll choose option D, a jar full of cyanide.

In a sport where a playoff win can save or keep a coach’s job, it’s worth asking: What’s the value of a first-round playoff win? We have franchises that are barely eligible for the postseason, and frankly, the entertainment factor is about the same as Minnesota vs. Bowling Green.

And that’s before I mention teams like Jacksonville, Dallas, and Miami that I wouldn’t trust to step over a rock in a critical situation. Hell, Baltimore will likely get the only seed in the AFC, and Lamar Jackson’s lone playoff win came against perennial lame duck Tennessee.

Maybe it’s just PTSD from Tom Brady’s Patriots team constantly being bombarded by toothless playoff opponents, but I have more confidence in selling Willy Loman something More than half of these “playoff” teams make the Princess stage, let alone a postseason run.

Expansion into seven-team fields was what it was: capitalism at its best. There’s a common refrain about NFL football on any given Sunday, that an outsider can rise from obscurity and defeat the best team in the league. While this is true to some extent, it’s not as if the underdog wins because they played well; This is mostly because the good team did not emerge.

So I guess my point in this meandering complaint is that parity in the NFL is synonymous with mediocrity.

And now a word from our sponsor

Aaron Rodgers, the New York Jets’ part-time quarterback and full-time distraction, got the most out of his penultimate (hopefully) appearance on the Pat McAfee Show this season, telling the big detective that he requested to go on IR to finish out the year. Although Rodgers has continually hinted at a return from his Achilles injury in Week 1, but has confirmed he will not be back, he can’t figure out why he would be kept active just to train. When that meant cutting veteran fullback Nick Baldwin days before Christmas.

“I assumed I was going to go to IR. I asked to be put on IR, but then the conversation happened, ‘Do you want to practice?’ I said not at the expense of someone getting cut. I know how that works.

“I didn’t feel like I needed to train to continue my rehab. I could have done things on the pitch on the side, but obviously I got passed over there. It is what it is. This was an interesting situation.”

Well, maybe it’s because AA-ron has been the most visible member of the Jets this year. Just having him throw footballs in front of the cameras is a godsend. Please stand on the sidelines for Zach Wilson’s take on Nathaniel Hackett who plays Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Apparently, Rodgers phoned Baldwin to make sure he knew it wasn’t his fault he got cut. During McAfee’s deliberate exchange/tale, the linebacker told Rodgers that he was “entitled” and “fine” because he still got paid.

To be clear with ESPN, cornerback Calon Barnes is the player who actually lost his job, because the Jets rushed to make room for Baldwin to return to the roster for reasons that are unclear.

I think the real point of this delightful Christmas saga is that a member of the New York Jets spent the holiday with his family — not Aaron Rodgers.


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