Idiot of the Year: More idiots

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Idiot of the Year: More idiots – Gudstory

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Dillon Brooks’ measure of success is supposed to be his aggressive defense and ability to hit open threes. However, over the last few years in Memphis, their supposed 3-and-D wing has been a level 0 scorer who resorts to clownish antics to keep up with the defense. In his preseason debut against the Indiana Pacers, Brooks showed the depths of his foolishness by returning to the familiar role of tapping nuts.

After initially being called for a defensive foul earlier in the Rockets’ preseason opener in October, Brooks was booed a second time for a blatant 2-technique after he violently slapped Daniel Theis in the groin as he attempted to run through his screen. It’s a move Brooks has tried before. Somehow, most NBA players and professional boxers can go their entire careers without needlessly hitting opponents below the midsection. Worse still, he still refuses to take responsibility for his clownish behavior.

“I could have hit him below the waist, but he came right back up. I don’t know. It’s weird that every time that happens to me, I get picked on. I guess that’s part of the reputation.” Brooks told the media afterward.

Brooks had a lot to say about… Lakers And LeBron James In April, most notably before they fell behind 3-1 in their opening-round playoff series, where they lost to James 4-2. Like many people in the age of social media, Brooks feels like he can talk nonsense, and that’s true because he’s playing on the biggest stage in the world.

“I don’t care. He sold out. … I poke the bears. I don’t respect anyone until they give me 40,” Brooks said.

No one thinks Brooks or the Grizzlies, in general, should be afraid of any player or team, but when you purse your lips ready to attack a guy like LeBron, you better be ready to back it up. Not that James is above suspicion, but you can’t talk the way Brooks talks and perform the way he does on the court in this series. If you’re going to run your mouth nonstop, the least you can do is shoot better than 22 percent from three-point range.


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