How to change the ringtone on your Android phone


How to change the ringtone on your Android phone -Gudstory

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A recent discussion among friends led me to wonder whether anyone really uses ringtones anymore. The idea was that most people (those who still use their phones to have verbal conversations) would either go with whatever ringtone comes on their phone or just use vibration.

Once upon a time ringtones were a thing. You can use these for entertainment. (My favorite was a boring voice that said, “Ring. Ring. Ring.”) You can use them to know who’s calling without looking at the phone (so you know when to pick up the phone. Is and when to let go ) vowel combination ). Now, perhaps, not so much.

Still, Google recently added a bunch of new ringtones to its Pixel phones, so presumably, some of us are still playing with these sounds. If you count yourself among that group, here’s how to change your ringtone, how to create your own ringtone, and how to assign a unique ringtone to a contact.

Since methods may differ for Samsung Galaxy phones and Google Pixel phones, we’ve included guidelines for both. If you have a different Android phone, you should be able to use one of these as a guide.

These instructions were tested using a Pixel 6 and Galaxy S23 running Android 14.

To choose a specific ringtone for one of your contacts:

There are many apps available in the Play Store that will create and install ringtones for you. However, if you have an audio file of your own that you want to use, here’s how to make it available:

To choose a specific ringtone for one of your contacts:

Updated December 28, 2023, 2:15 PM ET: This article was originally published on October 12, 2023 and has been updated to take into account changes in the OS.


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