How Cristiano Ronaldo, the football icon who suffered ’99 lashes for adultery’, can escape punishment

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How Cristiano Ronaldo, the football icon who suffered ’99 lashes for adultery’, can escape punishment – Gudstory

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Cristiano Ronaldo could face 99 lashes in Iran as punishment for ‘adultery’, reports claim.

The football icon, who is strutting his stuff for Al-Nassr these days, has been in the news since he hugged a painter in September.

Ronaldo traveled to Iran last month for an Asian Champions League clash with Persepolis, which the Saudi side won 2-0.

However, there is now controversy in the Iranian media – per Mundo Deportivo – which states that the veteran has been sentenced to 99 lashes.

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Cristiano Ronaldo meets an Iranian painter while visiting the country on Al-Nassr duty


The issue stems from Ronaldo’s meeting with a paralyzed painter who did portraits of the forward.

In the footage available on social media, the two are seen meeting and the icons of Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and Sporting Lisbon are embracing them.

However, according to Iranian law, this is prohibited.

Men are not allowed to embrace women to whom they are not married. Ronaldo is not married yet but he is in a relationship with Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez since 2016.

However, Marca say there is still a way for the Al-Nassr star to avoid punishment.

Ronaldo will have to show remorse for his actions.

A footballer’s gesture would not cause such a storm in the Western world.

Instead, he will be commended for being so kind and warm towards a fan who has decided to pay tribute to him.

However, by apologizing to the Iranian authorities, he would take steps to resolve the problem in the Middle East.

The report also says that Ronaldo could be pardoned by the judge if ‘the actions are not punishable’.

At present, there does not seem to be much possibility of Ronaldo going back to Iran.

Al-Nassr’s match with Persepolis was played away from home and they are not ready to return to the country at the moment.

However, an issue could arise if a Saudi Pro League team is drawn against an Iranian team later in the Asian Champions League.

Ronaldo will face potential consequences only if he goes back to Iran.

Al-Nassr may also have to give up his talisman if the rest of the team has to leave the country.

In Iran, floggings are often carried out in public.

This is so that other people avoid committing crimes that go against their laws.

They can receive these even years after the alleged crime.

A teenager who was caught drinking at a wedding reception was given 80 lashes over a decade.

Another man received a sentence of 148 lashes for speaking publicly about the lack of medical care for prisoners in the country.

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Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly faces punishment for hugging a fan, Iran gets tough on flogging


Other crimes punishable by flogging include theft, assault, vandalism and blasphemy.


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