‘Hard-hitting’ King Charles praised for using ‘word BBC hasn’t’ as he blasts ‘barbaric acts of terrorism’

‘Hard-hitting’ King Charles praised for using ‘word BBC hasn’t’ as he blasts ‘barbaric acts of terrorism’

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King Charles has made his thoughts clear on the ongoing conflict in Israel with a statement condemning the actions of terrorist organisation Hamas.

A palace spokesperson relayed the King’s thoughts, saying: “His majesty is appalled by, and condemns, the barbaric acts of terrorism in Israel.”

Vanity Fair’s royal editor Katie Nicholl described the mood at the Palace as the King’s words were conveyed.

“We were at the palace yesterday for a separate briefing about Kenya because the King and Queen are going later on this month. And, of course, you cannot be there at a meeting like that and not raise Israel. I think there was a sense that we hadn’t heard anything from them on it.”

Vanity fair's Katie Nicholl

Vanity fair’s Katie Nicholl on King Charles statement on Israel

GB News

“People are suffering. People are feeling this. There is a very, very dark mood. And in our country there’s a great sense of sadness.”

“I think at moments like this, we do look to our monarch to sort of pull us together as a nation to try and find some sense of hope in all of this.”

The statement came shortly after it was announced that the death toll in Israel had reached 1,200, with that number still rising.

Nicholl weighed in on the unusually strongly worded statement, saying: “I think it had to be strongly worded.”


King CharlesKing Charles has issued a statement regarding Israel and PalestineGETTY

“I think his statement was strong to speak about barbaric acts of ‘terrorism’, a word that the BBC hasn’t used and yet we are hearing it from our sovereign. It is incredibly hard hitting.”

“It makes me think back to the coronation and having all those faith leaders there, the King’s absolute emphasis, not just as King since the accession, but as Prince of Wales, to have that importance on interfaith dialogues.”

Nicholl also spoke about the King’s personal ties to the region and his interest in its wellbeing.

“Back in Israel in 2020 he visited not just Israel but the Palestinian territories as well. He’s passionate about this area. He’s passionate about trying to bring peace to this area.”

Israel PalestineIsrael came under attack from Hamas militants over the weekendGETTY

GB News’ Stephen Dixon pointed to the King’s wording in his statement, which seems to offer support for all those suffering, not just victims in Israel.

“He he has said in his statement ‘thoughts and prayers with all of those suffering’. So in one sense he’s singled Hamas out as a terrorist organisation, which it is. But he also reflects those civilians suffering in Gaza as well.”

Nicholl agreed, saying: “Of course, the innocent Palestinians whose lives are being turned upside down!”

“I think that is very important to Charles. He’s not seen to be taking sides. He doesn’t want to be accused of being political but this is a humanitarian crisis that is affecting hundreds of thousands of innocent people on both sides.”


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