Google Maps partners with India’s ONDC to add metro ticket booking


Google Maps partners with India’s ONDC to add metro ticket booking -Gudstory

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Google Maps will soon allow users in India to book metro tickets directly through the mapping app, the search giant announced as it deepens collaboration with the country’s open e-commerce network.

At the Google for India event on Thursday, Google said its users will be able to book metro tickets through the Maps app, as a result of a partnership with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC).

Bikram Singh Bedi, managing director of Google Cloud India, said at the event that the experience, which will be rolled out across metro cities in the country over the next few months, will be available through integrated buyer apps within the open network.

Earlier this year, Google partnered with ONDC to launch an accelerator program for sellers coming online through the open network. That step included open-sourcing and ready implementation of the ONDC infrastructure and core APIs and a $25,000 grant for eligible organizations on the network.

Subsequently, Google launched an India-wide hackathon for startups and developers building solutions for digital commerce and the availability of Google Cloud’s generative AI tools for buyers and sellers coming to the open network.

Country’s Sanjay Gupta said, “As always, partnership is at the heart of this entire effort, while we will play our part as Google, but as you all know, acceptance is only important in the real and tangible aspects of our lives. is an enabler for Head and Vice President of Google India. “We will collaborate deeply with all stakeholders to make this a reality, including governments, the financial ecosystem, startups, public health infrastructure, law enforcement and many others.”

WhatsApp also recently launched metro ticket booking through the instant messaging app for users in Bengaluru and Delhi. However, the Meta-One app offers a ticket booking experience with end-to-end payment support through its partnership with the respective city metro train corporations.

At the annual event, Google also announced new loan offerings and several generative AI updates for Google Pay users and merchants. Additionally, the Android maker revealed its anticipated plans to start manufacturing Pixel phones in the country, starting with the Pixel 8 series.


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