Glen Powell calls Sydney Sweeney the mastermind behind ‘Anyone But You’ dating rumors

 – Gudstory

Glen Powell calls Sydney Sweeney the mastermind behind ‘Anyone But You’ dating rumors – Gudstory

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Glen Powell calls Sydney Sweeney the mastermind behind 'Anyone But You' dating rumors

Sidney Sweeney and Glen Powell. Gotham/GC Images

glen powell is giving Sydney Sweeney “All credit” for those dating rumors.

“I don’t have the mental capacity to do anything like that, but he’s very smart. She’s very smart,” Powell admitted during an interview business Insider, published earlier this month. “And look, Sydney and I have authentic chemistry.”

This couple is acting anyone except you, a rom-com in which they pretend to date despite hating each other. Fans began speculating in April that Powell, 35, and Sweeney, 26, were blurring their onscreen image in real life when a photo with each other quickly went viral.

While Powell said he had an “amazing journey” with Sweeney while making the film, juxtaposing their real-life relationship to promote the film proved challenging for the actor.

Glen Powell calls Sydney Sweeney the mastermind behind 'Anyone But You' dating rumors
John Lamparski/WireImage
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“The only reason it was hard for me to lean into that thing was because I was going through a very real breakup in the middle of a promotional tour,” he explained. “I was with someone I really loved and cared about and was trying to figure out a lot of things.”

He added, “It was very easy for Sydney to lean into something like this because she’s in a very committed and wonderful relationship and she’s very happy. So it was a little difficult for me.”

Powell was referring to his three-year-old separation from his girlfriend. teeth of paris, As photos of Powell and Sweeney relaxing on set were shared online, us weekly It was confirmed that Paris, 31, has unfollowed her on Instagram. Later that month, multiple outlets confirmed that Powell and Paris had separated.

Swinney, for her part, has been in a relationship with Jonathan Davino Since 2018. We In March 2022, it was confirmed that the couple had become engaged. Davino created anyone except you With Swinney.

All things considered, Powell praised Sweeney’s “impressive understanding of marketing”, noting that she knows “what’s new, fresh and cool.”

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“In a heartbeat,” he said.

anyone except you was released earlier this month, but it seems Powell and Sweeney have been avoiding real-life dating rumors for the better part of a year.

“It’s a rom-com, that’s what people want!” Swinney said Diversity In August, breaking his silence on speculation about his situation with Powell.

It took several months for Powell to first investigate the “alleged affair”. He spoke openly about the consequences following the rumors in November men’s Health Main story.

“When all that happened, you know, publicly, it felt disorienting and inappropriate,” he explained. “But what I’m realizing is that it’s a part of the program now.”


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