Get These Sabrina Carpenter-Approved Eyelash Extensions for Only 

 – Gudstory

Get These Sabrina Carpenter-Approved Eyelash Extensions for Only $37 – Gudstory

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Beauty Fact: There’s something about eyelash extensions that instantly transform a makeup look. False styles can follow you everywhere from the boardroom to the red carpet! You can stack on layers for a more dramatic look, while individual lash clusters are ideal for no-makeup makeup days. You can even customize individual lashes to recreate viral lash trends – frankly, it’s a blast!

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just take the pop star sabrina carpenterFor example. I can’t send email The singer knows a thing or two about wearing false eyelashes. In September 2023, Celebrity Makeup Artist carolina gonzalez Revealed that she used Velor Beauty’s Extension Lash Clusters – Classic to create a natural, flared cat-eye shape for Carpenter at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Since then, Gonzalez has continued to amp up Carpenter’s glamor with the brand’s lashes. The MUA also revealed on Instagram that she had applied Velor Beauty’s lash extension kit White lotus star beatrice grano For the Emmy Awards in 2024. The brand is notorious for trendy lashes that are loved by celebs and online shoppers. Scroll ahead for the beauty 411 on these beautiful eyelash clusters!

Get the Velor Extension Kit on Amazon for just $37! Please note, prices are accurate as of the date of publication, January 25, 2024, but are subject to change.

Basically, these fluffy lashes provide salon-quality results at home. They’re made of a thin, non-irritating band, which is a plus for beauty lovers with sensitive eyes. Each set is equipped with 10mm, 12mm and 14mm lash clusters designed for up to three weeks of wear. You can mix and match the length of your eyelashes to get the perfect style. Velor Multi-Day Lash Bond helps these water-resistant lash extensions last up to five days.

The application is simple. Apply Multi-Day Lash Bond to the top of a lash cluster and below the natural lash. Wait 10 to 15 minutes until tacky, and use the Too Real Lash Extension Tool to place the clusters under your natural lashes, just above the water line. You can use extension tools to attach false eyelashes to your natural eyelashes to provide extra protection.

For a lifted shape, apply lash clusters in increasing length from the outer corner using the longest cluster and decreasing in size as you move toward the inner eye. For a round shape, apply lash clusters of equal length from the outer corner inward.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who swear by these lashes. Verified Amazon buyers are impressed with the comprehensive kit. “The Little Lash Kit is everything you need to start creating your own lashes. I love the wispy look of these lashes,” one reviewer wrote. “They’re lightweight and I think what I like best is that they’re reusable. I feel like I am doing my part to help the environment by using reusable products.”

A newbie opens up about her journey using lashes. The shopper said, “I definitely need some more practice but first impressions are everything.” He was “so impressed with how light these lashes are.” “I like that they come in groups so I can control how much or less I want to add to my lashes,” the reviewer said.

Are you ready to make your makeup moments better? Get these reusable celeb-approved eyelash extensions for $37!

Check it out: Get the Velor Extension Kit on Amazon for just $37! Please note, prices are accurate as of the date of publication, January 25, 2024, but are subject to change.

Is this not what you are looking for? Check out more from Velor Beauty here!

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