Frasier reboot pays tribute to Nicholas Lyndhurst’s son Archie, fans praise Only Fools star’s loss

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Frasier reboot pays tribute to Nicholas Lyndhurst’s son Archie, fans praise Only Fools star’s loss – Gudstory

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Archie Lyndhurst was honored during a sweet moment in an early episode of Paramount’s Frasier reboot after his father Nicholas Lyndhurst joined the cast.

Along with fellow series mainstay Kelsey Grammer, Lyndhurst plays sitcom newcomer Alan, a British professor at the local college.

The Only Fools and Horses star’s son tragically died in September 2022 after suffering a brain hemorrhage due to acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Like his father, Lyndhurst’s son made his acting debut before his death and starred alongside his father in the BBC’s So Awkward, while he also appeared in Bad Education with comedian Jack Whitehall.

Lyndhurst’s wife Lucy said in a statement at the time that their son’s death had a “devastating impact” on the family and that “as his parents, we couldn’t be more proud of what he has achieved in such a short time ” ,

With Lyndhurst’s return to the small screen in Frasier, show bosses took the opportunity to pay tribute to Archie before the credits began rolling on the first episode.

Nicholas Lyndhurst as Alan

Nicholas Lyndhurst as Alan in the Frasier reboot

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The reboot also paid tribute to former Frasier script supervisor Gabriel James and Martin Crane actor John Mahoney at the same time.

In the final moments of the first episode, writing appeared on the screen that read: “In loving memory of Gabrielle James and Archie Lyndhurst.”

A clip of Mahoney on the set of the original Frasier was played when he poignantly said: “It all works.”

After watching the tribute to Lyndhurst’s son, many Frasier viewers took to Webb to praise the show’s touching dedication.

One Paramount+ viewer said on

While another echoed the episode’s negative review: “The first episode of the new Frasier was as disappointing as expected.

“Although the dedications at the end were cute, love that they mentioned Nicholas Lyndhurst’s son. Hopefully the series will get better, but the original is untouchable in terms of humor and class #Frasier.”

And a third agreed: “So, episode 1 of #Frasier is complete. Pleasantly surprised so far but I thought it was a little ‘big’ acting wise.

“Maybe because I’ve been watching Ghosts… However, the tribute to Archie Lyndhurst and John Mahoney was nice. I want this series to go on. On to episode 2.”

nicholas lyndhurst

Nicholas Lyndhurst with his wife Lucy and son Archie in 2017


As well as paying tribute to his son, Lyndhurst was also flooded with praise as fans applauded his switch from Peckham plonker Rodney to Boston-based boffin, Alan.

One X user said: “Wasn’t sure about the new Frasier at first but by the end of the second episode I was hooked!

“Nicholas Lyndhurst is amazing, as he always is and it’s great to have Kelsey Grammer back. Love the nod from Martin Crane. #Frasier is missed!”

Another praised Lyndhurst: “Watched 2 new episodes of #Frasier last night, good to see KG still has it.

“Lyndhurst was probably better at the new characters. Couldn’t take Niles’ son David. But early days of the show.”

And a third simply said: “Great to see Nicholas Lyndhurst on the box again. #Frasier.” (Thus)

Lyndhurst isn’t the only Only Fools legend to return to the screen this year, as fans were surprised to see Denzil star Paul Barber looking barely recognizable in his latest role on the big screen.


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