Former England football boss enjoyed ruining royal family tribute and accused FA of breach of contract

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Former England football boss enjoyed ruining royal family tribute and accused FA of breach of contract – Gudstory

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Former England boss Fabio Capello has admitted that he would have loved to score for Italy against the Three Lions in 1973.

And he is also extremely happy that his bravery came on the same day as Princess Anne married Mark Phillips.

In 1973, England faced Italy at the old Wembley.

They lost 1–0, with Capello scoring the only goal of the game to give the visitors their first win in the country.

princess anne

Princess Anne married Mark Phillips in 1973


And the Italian has now spoken openly about his goal in an interview with the Daily Mail, admitting he enjoyed depriving England of more celebrations after Princess Anne married Phillips.

“We had already beaten England in Turin in the summer and I scored in that game too, but it was different at Wembley,” he said.

“There were a lot of Italians in the crowd which was described as 20,000 waiters.

“It was very satisfying to score that goal and dedicate it to those 20,000 waiters – really nice!

“I know how difficult it can be to live and work abroad, so it was great to do this for those Italians in England.

“It was a very intense game at the old Wembley, which for me represented the history of football.

“We had a very good team but I have to admit that our best player that day was our goalkeeper Dino Zoff. He made two important saves.

“But my goal broke the curse for us because we had never won in England before.”

He then stabbed her, saying: “I remember that one of the queen’s daughters was married.

“There was a suggestion that if England had won it would have been dedicated to him.”

In 2007, English football reached a new low.

They failed to qualify for the European Championships the following year, with Croatia ending that dream with a shock victory at Wembley.

England then decided to sack Steve McClaren and bring in Capello, who was considered one of the best managers in the world at the time.

The Three Lions managed to qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa by winning nine of their 10 matches.

However, England struggled in the tournament itself and were eliminated by Germany in the round of 16.

England proceeded to qualify for Euro 2012.

But, that year, chaos broke out when John Terry was accused of using racial language towards Anton Ferdinand during a match between Chelsea and QPR.

The FA found Terry guilty of racism and he was subsequently stripped of the England captaincy.

This angered Capello, who left his position as manager a few months before the European Championships.

And the former Real Madrid boss has accused the FA of breach of contract – insisting he was told the captaincy decision would be a matter for himself rather than the board.

latest developments:

Fabio Capello England

Fabio Capello fell out with FA when John Terry was removed from England captaincy


“It was amazing to work at Wembley and be the England coach,” he said.

“And leaving the national team because of differences of opinion over John Terry was disappointing.

“We had qualified for Euro 2012, but I could not accept that the captaincy was decided by the board, because it was in my contract that as coach I would decide the captain.

“I couldn’t accept that my level of leadership had diminished.

“I was happy with what I did and what I was allowed to do working for the FA. It was a fantastic time.”


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