Football fan who brought Israeli flag faces security during England’s win over Australia

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Football fan who brought Israeli flag faces security during England’s win over Australia – Gudstory

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A football fan faced Wembley security forces after raising an Israeli flag on Friday night.

England defeated Australia 1–0 during the match in London, with Aston Villa forward Ollie Watkins scoring the only goal of the game.

A silent period was organized before the program.

Football chiefs have postponed a decision to light the Wembley Arch in the colors of the Israeli flag due to fears of a backlash.

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A message on the large screen read: “Tonight we remember the innocent victims of the devastating events in Israel and Palestine.

“Our thoughts are with them, their families and friends in England and Australia, and all communities affected by this ongoing conflict.

“Tonight we stand for humanity and an end to death, violence, fear and suffering.”

Before the game, it was made clear that no Israel or Palestine flags would be allowed inside the field.

But a fan managed to smuggle it out and place it high during the competition.

A Reuters image shows a security guard facing the supporter while other fans look away.

It is unclear whether the man and the flag were removed from the premises.

Last Saturday, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, after which there is a war in the Middle East.

Israel promised to retaliate and has since launched its own airstrikes on Gaza.

Meanwhile, GB News presenter Nigel Farage has criticized the FA’s decision not to light up Wembley for Israel – insisting it is a display of ‘pure cowardice’.

He said on social media: “So our Football Association likes to present its courtesy, its pride, doing the right thing at all times.

“So on the arch at Wembley when France is attacked it’s the French flag, when they’re attacked it’s the Turkish flag, when they’re attacked it’s the Ukrainian flag and of course, when the World Cup in Qatar When a march is underway, it flies. The LGBTQ+ flag goes up.

“Because we are good people, we are good people, we are great people.

“Unless it comes to the Jews. And then nobody cares because they refuse to put up an Israeli flag despite what Hamas has done there during the last five days.

“This is pure cowardice.

“They are obviously concerned about the local population living in that area.

“And it all says one thing.

“If we talk about diversity, how wonderful it is, if it is multi-culturalism, if we are so afraid of these extremists who celebrate terror on the streets of London then we are in a bad place.

“I’m sorry to the FA, you can take a knee whenever you want.

“But it makes you a complete, utter hypocrite.”

latest developments:

England Australia

England star Ollie Watkins scored the only goal of the game as his team beat Australia 1–0


As far as the match is concerned, England boss Gareth Southgate was happy with the way his team performed and achieved the win.

“We made a lot of changes that made it really difficult for the players,” he said.

“It’s hard to play at international level when you don’t have a lot of caps.

“I gave them a really tough challenge and Australia were good, they were athletic and well organised. Therefore, I am happy with the victory after appointing him to this post.

“There were some positives, we know we can play better and it was tough on the players but you need to give players chances at this level.”


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