Grab the Apple iPhone 14 for Just ₹49,999 in Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale – Check it Out Now

Grab the Apple iPhone 14 for Just ₹49,999 in Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale – Check it Out Now

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Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale 2023 Brings Jaw-Dropping Discounts on iPhone 14!”

Are you prepared for the shopping extravaganza of the year? Flipkart’s highly anticipated Big Billion Days Sale is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever before! Starting on October 8, 2023, this spectacular sale promises to shower you with incredible discounts and unbeatable deals. And guess what’s stealing the spotlight? The all-new Apple iPhone 14!

A Price Drop You Won’t Believe


Apple aficionados, this is your moment! The launch of the iPhone 15 series has paved the way for a remarkable price drop on the iPhone 14 in India. Say goodbye to the previous ₹69,000 price tag, as Flipkart slashes it down to an astonishing ₹52,999. But hold on; the discounts don’t stop there.


Flipkart’s iPhone 14 Discounts Unveiled


Flipkart, in its Big Billion Days Sale, is pulling out all the stops to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Here’s the lowdown on the remarkable discounts available:


  1. The BillboarBonanza


Imagine your boss granting you a day off to watch the India vs. Afghanistan match. Well, that dream can become a reality! Flipkart’s billboard promotion promises a jaw-dropping ₹4,000 discount on the iPhone 14 during the Big Billion Days Sale.

  1. The Silent Signal


In the hustle and bustle of daily life, when was the last time you witnessed a silent signal? Flipkart challenges you – if no horns blare at this unique signal, you’ll snag a ₹3,000 discount on the iPhone 14 during the sale.

  1. In-Flight Surprise


Flipkart has taken to the skies to announce its third and most intriguing discount option. Partnering with SpiceJet, they’ve come up with an offer that’s as unique as it gets. If, upon landing, all passengers remain seated, Flipkart will cut ₹3,000 off the iPhone 14’s price tag.

A Stunning Conclusion


The moment of truth has arrived! Flipkart proudly declared that all three options have been successfully completed, and as a result, the price of the iPhone 14 has plummeted to an unbelievable ₹49,999. Starting tomorrow, during the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale, you can snag this incredible device for this limited time offer.


But wait, there’s more! Flipkart is sweetening the deal with an enticing exchange offer that will further reduce the price of this exceptional smartphone. If you decide to part ways with your old iPhone 14 in exchange for a brand-new one, you’ll be in for a treat – a staggering ₹34,000 discount awaits. This means that during the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale, you could walk away with a brand-new iPhone 14 for an astonishing ₹15,999.


Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Flipkart’s Big Billion Days Sale is your golden ticket to score the iPhone 14 at prices you never thought possible. Mark your calendars for October 8, 2023, and get ready for a shopping spree like no other. Your desired iPhone is just one click away!


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