Fallon Sherrock didn’t give Cameron Menzies the chance to give Prince William a gift

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Fallon Sherrock didn’t give Cameron Menzies the chance to give Prince William a gift – Gudstory

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Cameron Menzies has revealed he wanted Fallon Sherrock to give Prince William a Rangers keyring after a visit to Buckingham Palace.

The Muirkirk star is preparing for his second Paddy Power PDC World Championship, with the darts star set to face Rusty-Jake Rodriguez at Alexandra Palace on Friday.

Menzies is set to take on fellow darts star Sherrock in London as he looks to reign supreme.

And now, speaking to The Sun, he has revealed that his dream of getting Prince William a Rangers keyring was rejected.

Prince William

A darts star dreamed of giving Prince William a Rangers keyring after Fallon Sherrock rejected it


Sharrock visited Buckingham Palace and received an MBE last month.

And Menzies has revealed her partner failed to live up to her dream – and wants her to stay with him.

He said: “I was given a Rangers ring and it’s at home.

“I wanted Fallon to give it to Prince William.

“I’m sure he doesn’t care about Rangers, he’s an Aston Villa fan.

“If I had gone to Windsor Castle with Fallon to receive his MBE, I would have worn a Rangers top and kilt.

“She wears my old Rangers kits at home, I think she finds them comfortable.

“I have a lot of them, that’s what I wear at home.

“Some things are a little tight for me these days and she steals them!

Menzies also shed light on how her romance with Sherrock began, saying that a trip to KFC ignited the flames.

He added: “I’ve known Fallon for years at darts and played doubles with him years ago.

“We met in an online league in Southampton. As they say, the rest is history. It started with KFC!

“He needs me to force him to practice.

“We can work together for two hours. It’s definitely a good thing that we push each other.

“Fallon has performed more on the big stage than me. But we support each other. When you lose you are down.

“We both know how the other feels after the match.

“She lets me stare into space and leaves me alone for five minutes and then I’m fine!

“It would be nice to have both still in the world after Christmas.

Fallen Sherrock

Fallon Sherrock received an MBE last month


“I don’t know who will be cooking the turkey.

“Normally I’m in Scotland with the family but this year I’ll be in England with Fallon.

“Basically the first person out of the world has to deal with a turkey!”

And, on his upcoming duel with Rodriguez, Menzies is confident he will win if he operates at the peak of his powers.

“We have played twice and won one each and both games have been 6-5 so it could be a close game again.

“To be honest, I was pretty disappointed going into opening night. I wanted to watch it for a few days and immerse myself in it.

Latest sports news:

“Hopefully the real me will come out and I’ll hit doubles and a little run so it’s going to take a good player to beat me.

“I have shown in spells this year that I have that A game. So if that seems to be the case I will need a good person to take me out.

“I think last year I did better in terms of results but this year I have played better but the results have not been good.

“I have scored some good runs. I’ve had some bad games, which is normal for me. I think my average is 94 and I’m pretty happy with that.”


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