FA Israel in talks over Wembley gesture but there are concerns behind the scenes after Hamas attacks

FA Israel in talks over Wembley gesture but there are concerns behind the scenes after Hamas attacks

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The FA are reportedly in talks over whether to repaint the Wembley Arch in the colors of the Israeli flag following the attacks on the country.

The country was targeted by Hamas militants over the weekend and more than 1,000 people have been killed so far.

The Israeli flag was raised over 10 Downing Street and City Hall in London in tribute to those killed in the attacks.

Now, the Daily Mail says the FA is in talks over whether to light up the Wembley Arch as a sign of support.

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The FA has previously done this to honor countries that have suffered terrorist attacks in recent years.

The Ukrainian flag was flown over Wembley and the arch was illuminated at the Carabao Cup final for at least the year following Russia’s invasion.

This tribute was repeated when Ukraine visited London for European Championship qualifiers earlier in the year.

Earlier, in November 2015, the Wembley Arch was painted with the colors of the French flag following the Paris terrorist attacks.

England can now follow Gareth Southgate’s side into action when they face Australia on Friday night.

The Three Lions will then take on Italy next week.

The FA’s senior leadership team is currently in Nyon, with the United Kingdom and Ireland yet to be confirmed as Euro 2028 hosts.

According to the publication, they will discuss Israel’s situation with UEFA.

Some senior people are said to be worried about being accused of taking sides.

Other options include a period of silence for victims on both sides.

The FA will also have to decide how to respond if someone in the stands is chanting pro-Palestinian slogans.

Likewise with flags that can be waved to show support.

Pro-Hamas protests were reported in London over the weekend, prompting police to increase security in specific areas of the city.

UEFA has currently postponed all Israel matches scheduled for the next two weeks while the conflict continues.

The Under-17 tournament has also been delayed.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces has said there is still active fighting with Hamas militants who are ‘continuously trying to cross the border’.

“They continue to infiltrate the border and we expect that to continue because a large number of jihadists have been trained to do this,” Doron Spielman said.

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He further said, “There are potentially a serious number of terrorists hiding.

“We are fighting an enemy that is more similar to ISIS than any other type of enemy that the world has faced in many years.”


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