F1: Lewis Hamilton reveals three plans for retirement after revealing details about having children

F1: Lewis Hamilton reveals three plans for retirement after revealing details about having children

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Lewis Hamilton has revealed his plans to retire from F1.

Having recently signed a new contract with Mercedes, the Briton is not planning on walking away from the sport any time soon.

Hamilton also recently revealed that his plans to have children are still on hold and he is completely focused on F1.

And the Formula One legend has now said he would like to ride motorbikes for leisure, as well as go surfing and parachute jumping.

F1 Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has no plans to retire from F1 just yet

the countryside

“I don’t feel the desire to enter other competitions after F1,” the Stevenage-born racer told French TV broadcaster Canal+.

“I love watching races like Le Mans, it feels incredible.

“I love moto, I’ve always loved MotoGP. I still love, I have two superbikes.

“I think I will ride motorbikes, but not competitively.

“I have so many other things to do, I don’t think I’ll do any more competitions, at least not as a professional. It takes too much time.

“I’ll continue parachute jumping and surfing.”

Earlier this month Hamilton said he would not copy Michael Schumacher by retiring and then returning to F1.

“That wouldn’t happen to me,” the 38-year-old said.

“When the chapter ends, it ends.

“I can’t imagine standing in the yard or in the garage – without sitting in a car.

“But as I’ve said before: never say never.”

Hamilton has endured a difficult F1 season so far, with Max Verstappen taking the title for the third consecutive year.

And his immediate focus is on finishing second amid a thrilling battle with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez.

Hamilton praised Verstappen for his third consecutive win at the weekend.

He said of his opponent: “Max is flawless and no one can take that away from him.

“He has done an amazing job with the package he has.”

Hamilton also insisted he has no problems with team-mate George Russell after the pair collided at the Qatar Grand Prix.

He also took responsibility for the incident, admitting that Russell ‘had nowhere to go’ as a result of his driving.

He said, “I think we’re a great team. George and I still have a great relationship. We’ll discuss things and work out things.” “I’m happy to take the responsibility as the big man.

“I don’t think George had anywhere to go at that time.

“I was trying to get ahead of both of them and it was an unfortunate situation.

latest developments:

F1 Lewis Hamilton

F1: Lewis Hamilton keen to drive motorbike after his time in the sport ends

the countryside

“I had the worst tire out of everyone around me, so I needed to try and get ahead. Big risk, big penalty.”

He further said, ‘The relationship is not broken.

“I have no problems with George, we have a very good relationship, we work and we always talk about things.

“So it’s definitely unfortunate and I’m sure he was as frustrated as I was in that moment.

“But we will talk about it offline and move forward.

“As I said, apologies to the entire team.”


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