Epic intends to launch its game store – and Fortnite – on iOS


Epic intends to launch its game store – and Fortnite – on iOS -Gudstory

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Epic doesn’t have much to share about its plans just yet. It says the store will launch “later this year” Fortnite Will be available through this. Both will only be available in parts of Europe covered by the Digital Markets Act. “Stay tuned for details as we explore the regulatory timeline,” This is stated in a post on (formerly Twitter), saying “We will continue to argue in front of the courts and regulators that Apple is breaking the law.”

Fortnite It has not been available on iOS for over three years, after Apple shut down the game and banned Epic for intruding into third-party in-app payments. (Epic later sued Apple in a case that ended just last week; Epic narrowly lost.)

Apple still has some oversight of third-party app stores, meaning it’s possible that Epic may face problems with the launch.

Epic has said for years that it would like to bring its game store, which is currently available for Windows and macOS, to the iPhone. The store charges slightly lower fees than Apple’s App Store, which could make it an attractive option for developers if Epic can gain popularity.

We’re about to see a wave of third-party app store announcements for iOS after Apple announced today that they will be allowed in Europe under its new rules. The epic is one of the first out of the gate. AltStore has also announced plans to launch.


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