England have ‘the best player in the world’ ahead of Australia friendly at Wembley

England have ‘the best player in the world’ ahead of Australia friendly at Wembley

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Australia star Jackson Irvine believes England have ‘the best player in the world’ in Jude Bellingham ahead of Friday night’s friendly at Wembley.

Bellingham is expected to play a big role in this match, having performed brilliantly for Real Madrid so far.

The 20-year-old opted to snub Liverpool and Manchester City to move to Spain from Borussia Dortmund in the summer.

And Bellingham has been remarkable since, scoring 10 goals in as many games for his new club.

England Jude Bellingham Australia

England star Jude Bellingham has been declared the ‘best player in the world’ ahead of the Australia match.


The midfielder, who was playing for Birmingham just four years ago, has also registered three assists.

And he has earned huge praise from Australia star Irwin – who thinks no one can come close to his current form.

“The first time I played against him he was 15 and 10, 11 months or something,” he said.

“I thought, ‘This doesn’t make any sense’.

“It doesn’t compute in your mind that a player can play like that at that age.

“The whole world has had an eye on his progress and development and he seems to have taken it all in his stride.

“He’s doing it now on the biggest stage at the biggest club in the world.

“There is probably no more fascinating player in the world. There is nothing left to say about him.”

“Everyone can see what he has, what he brings to the table and the way he handles himself as a result.

“He’s arguably the best player in the world at the moment.”

England are favorites to beat Australia, especially due to playing on home soil.

However, the Socceroos are hoping to repeat their remarkable win over the Three Lions in 2003.

England were beaten 3–1, leaving David Beckham furious with their performance against their rivals.

And Irvine has admitted the class of 2023 are eager to emulate that feat by putting Gareth Southgate’s side to the sword.

“This is a memorable, unforgettable result in Australian football history,” the 30-year-old said.

“Now whenever we play together, it’s an opportunity to make a statement and create special moments and special memories.

“That’s why you play international football.

“That’s what you dream about as a kid, playing on the big stage and making memories like that.

“Every sport presents that opportunity.”

Meanwhile, Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou has visited the Australia camp ahead of the match against England.

The 58-year-old previously managed the national team for four years between 2013 and 2017.

And Postecoglou has tried to motivate Australia’s players by urging them to make the most of such a grand occasion.

“(This) can be the impact you have on future generations,” he said.

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“You play in stadiums like this, make an impact – it’s not just for you.

“There will be some little boy or little girl who will look at this and say ‘that’s going to be me one day.'”

Reflecting on his own experiences, he said: “It wasn’t that long ago that I was here [as Socceroos coach],

“Now I’m in the Premier League and everyone loves me, but believe me, I haven’t changed one bit.

“I’m the same person, but because I was Australian, because you’re Australian, sometimes you have to work a little harder.

“There’s nothing wrong with that.”


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