Emma Raducanu’s advice astounds Luke Littler as darts star opens up amid Dutch Masters mission

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Emma Raducanu’s advice astounds Luke Littler as darts star opens up amid Dutch Masters mission – Gudstory

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Luke Littler was reportedly left shocked after being quizzed on tennis star Emma Raducanu’s advice.

Littler has quickly risen to fame in Britain after his sensational performances at the World Darts Championship and Bahrain Masters earlier this month.

The 17-year-old is now looking to make it back-to-back senior titles at the Dutch Masters, with the teenager set to face Luke Humphries on Saturday.

Recently, Raducanu gave Littler some advice. She said: “I would just say: ‘Keep your horizons limited, take time to really enjoy it and don’t rush into the next thing straight away.'”

Emma Raducanu Luke Littler

Emma Raducanu gives advice to Luke Littler but the darts star doesn’t know who the tennis player is


However, according to the Irish Times, Littler was left stunned.

When asked if he knew who Raducanu was, he replied ‘no’, giving the clear impression that he was not a big fan of tennis.

When told that Raducanu was his own ‘tennis counterpart’, he looked ‘disappointed’.

Littler’s girlfriend Eloise Milburn participated in the conversation.

He said: “Did she not reach you?”

But it appears Littler has no idea who Raducanu is, despite the tennis star being on the rise just a few years ago.

The Briton won the US Open in 2021 and stunned the sports world in the process.

Yet Raducanu has found it difficult to play at the same high level, with injuries preventing the 21-year-old from progressing.

Littler knows that, if he continues to win darts matches, he will put a target on his back.

However, the teenager is not worried about this and insists that he is motivated to play against the biggest and best players in the world.

“I know now everyone wants to beat me,” the youngster confessed.

“And I want to beat them. It’s my first year as a professional and I want to do as much as I can.”

Littler is also very proud of how many fans she now has, having been relatively unknown just a few weeks ago.

Discussing his exploits at Ely Pally earlier in the month, he said: “Every night. I used to be up by five every morning, on my phone, refreshing Instagram, watching my followers grow.

“I had 4,000 followers before my first round against Christian Kist and it was crazy.

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emma raducanu

Emma Raducanu has told Luke Littler to keep his circle small as he looks to dominate darts for many years to come.


“Now with 1.1 million I’m the most followed darts player on Instagram.”

And Littler insisted he had forgotten his defeat to Humphries, adding: “Getting to the final was a bonus because I just wanted to win a game.

“You have to come back stronger. That’s what I did in Bahrain.”

Asked if he used to cry over losses as a child, he added: “Oh yes, especially in local Grand Slams.

“I remember a serious incident in Widnes where the winner got Rs 500.

luke littler

Luke Littler hoping to win the Dutch Masters this week


“I lost in the finals and I was about 12 years old.

“They were all very old men. Thirty, 40, 50.”


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