Edwards praises working with ‘childhood hero’ Watson amid early season upsurge

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Edwards praises working with ‘childhood hero’ Watson amid early season upsurge – Gudstory

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NSW winger Jack Edwards has started this summer in remarkable form and has hailed the impact of the work done in pre-season with Shane Watson.
Edwards made a particular impact with the ball, achieving the best figures of his career in both the Sheffield Shield (6 for 36) and Marsh Cup (4 for 38) against Queensland, while notching scores of 92 and 87 across the two competitions for selection. He finished last season with a career-best 138 against South Australia.

Edwards has found time with Watson, who has extensively researched the mental side of the game, particularly valuable and hopes to maintain the connection.

“The one-on-one conversations with Shane were great for me on the mental side of the game,” he said. “There are some things that I introduced into my game at the end of last year and then I was able to refine them with him and bring the best version of myself on the pitch and be able to compete. Having that competitive drive to win and get into the competition.

“I got a lot out of those conversations. It was also great to chat to him, he was a bit of my childhood hero, so it was nice to sit down and meet him.

“The parallels between him and the beginning of his career were with where I’m at, navigating the responsibilities of being an all-rounder and managing your body and the weight of expectations from yourself and all sorts of things. Hopefully I can stay in touch with him and continue to pick his brain.”

Edwards made his debut for NSW in 2018, scoring a maiden hundred against Queensland, and in the 2020-21 season was man of the match in the Marsh Cup final against Western Australia in which he scored 108, but has not found consistency with the captaincy of the regular place. .
In recent months, he has also worked closely with Jackson Bird who joined NSW from Tasmania this season after being part of the Sydney Sixers squad and from the same Manly club as Edwards.

“I speak to him a lot, and being able to work with him a little closer during pre-season has been great,” he said. “The way he prepares for every training and match, he is very professional. Even at the end of his career, he still does everything he can to put his body in the best place possible.

“Then there are some other things like wrist position and trying to maximize that. He’s someone who has exploited that beautifully over the years. I just focus his mind on the little things and control what I can to make the result as good as possible.”

Edwards was particularly impressive from all over the wicket to the Queensland left-handers during the Cricket Central Shield match, removing Price Street, Matt Renshaw, Jack Clayton and Usman Khawaja with that corner.

“I’ve done it for a long time and had some success, and it’s probably my best left-handed attack,” he said. “Watching how the game has changed in recent years with [Stuart] Broad and the men walking around the wicket try to imitate what they do. Seems to be working for me now. If I can continue to work on my stuff for right-handed people and make that option available to left-handed people as well, it will be a great combination.”

However, despite Edwards’ impressive first innings performance, New South Wales squandered what should have been an all-round victory against Queensland as the visitors provided superb backfield defense through Jamie Pearson and Michael Neser in the shield, and then a thrilling wicket. . Stand 73 to steal a one-day match at North Sydney Oval.

“Everyone’s passion to represent NSW is as high as ever [to] “Trying to make up for what happened last year. I think everyone was a little embarrassed, so I think everyone’s hungry,” Edwards said. “We’re doing a lot of good things, so hopefully we can get some wins soon.”


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