Ed Kelce says he’ll believe son Jason Kelce is retiring when he ‘starts losing weight’

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Ed Kelce says he’ll believe son Jason Kelce is retiring when he ‘starts losing weight’ – Gudstory

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jason kelsey‘s father, ed kelseyrevealed how his son’s appearance will tell if he’s really retiring from the NFL.

“I’ll know he’s retiring when he starts losing weight,” Ed, aka Papa Kelsey, explained during the Friday, January 26, episode of the “Baskin & Phelps” podcast.

Ed, who shares son Jason, 36, and travis kels with ex wife donna kelseyIt was noted that offensive and defensive linemen become thinner when they hang up their cleats.

“These people are very health conscious. As soon as they decide to retire from the game, they lose a lot of weight,” Ed said. “Once that happens, you’re not coming back.”

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Ed hints that Jason’s time with the Philadelphia Eagles as their star center is coming to an end – but the family is hesitant to believe the hype. “As Kylie [Kelce]His wife says, when he gets up on the stage and announces to everyone, ‘I’m retiring’ and that’s it, she’ll believe it,” Ed said of his daughter-in-law’s opinion on the matter. Said about, that Jason “talks as if he’s retiring.”

Ed said: “I’ve always said, Jason will leave when he determines he’s had enough. I think we can be there. “I don’t have inside information.”

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When it comes to his youngest son and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Ed said, “Travis will play until they throw him out. As he says, he will keep playing until the wheels fall off.

Jason sparked retirement speculation earlier this month after appearing emotional following the Eagles’ loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on January 15. The professional athlete, who was drafted into the NFL in 2011, was seen crying on the sideline after the game.

Ed Kelce will know Jason Kelce is retiring when he starts losing weight
Mike Ehrman/Getty Images

Jason was also seen talking to his 31-year-old father and wife in the stands before crying during a conversation with his offensive line coach, Jeff Southland, On the field. The loss eliminated the Eagles from contention for Super Bowl LVIII.

“He seems like a guy full of emotion,” one of the ESPN broadcasters said. “You wonder if it’s for 36-year-old Jason Kelce.”

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A day later, NFL insider Adam Schefter It was reported that Jason told his teammates in the locker room that he was retiring after 13 years in the league. Jason has not yet confirmed his retirement, but he revealed during a recent “New Heights” podcast episode that he “addressed the team” after that loss.

“It’s something that I think when it’s time to officially announce what’s happening in the future, it will be done in a way that is definitive and respectful of a lot of people and individuals “Those who mean a lot to me and who have advanced my career,” Jason told his brother and his audience in January. “I don’t think it would be respectful or accurate to be able to do that right after a game like this. …In the future, something will be said, I think.”

The following week, Jason turned his attention to supporting 34-year-old Travis and the Chiefs as they are still in the playoffs. Jason made headlines on Sunday, January 21, when he took off his shirt at the Chiefs’ game against the Buffalo Bills and proceeded to cheer on his siblings from the VIP suite.


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