David Beckham in line for stunning return to Manchester United – but there’s a catch

David Beckham in line for stunning return to Manchester United – but there’s a catch

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David Beckham is reportedly in line for a stunning return to Manchester United.

However, that will all hinge on whether Qatari billionaire Sheikh Jassim is successful in his efforts to purchase the club.

Beckham is a legend at Old Trafford having starred under Sir Alex Ferguson during the years when the Red Devils were the biggest force in the country.

He played a key role in six Premier League title triumphs before departing to Real Madrid back in the summer of 2003.

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Reports say Beckham is set for a blockbuster return to United if Sheikh Jassim wins the race to take over.

The mysterious figure is currently in a scrap with Sir Jim Ratcliffe in order to acquire the club.

Ratcliffe is believed to be ready to let the Glazers stay at United as part of his takeover proposal.

Sheikh Jassim would, however, refuse to let that happen if he was able to come to an agreement on the price.

He remains committed to buying 100 per cent of United and has also pledged to wipe their growing debt if he ascends to power.

The Glazers first signalled their willingness to sell United last November.

Having been criticised by Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview, the family said they were conducting a strategic review.

Fast-forward to now and no offer has been accepted.

Beckham has worked with Qatar in the past and was an ambassador for the country at last year’s football World Cup.

He faced criticism from some corners due to the country’s poor human rights record.

In Qatar, gay people could face the death penalty if they breach the country’s strict rules.

But Beckham recently said the members of the LGBTQ community he talked to all enjoyed the tournament in the Middle East.

“They felt it was the safest World Cup they’d had for a long time,” he stated.

“So no, at the end of the day it was an important competition and one I was proud to be part of.”

Beckham stated he and his team had ‘done their homework’ on everything out in the Middle East.

The 48-year-old continued: “I’ve always said football is a game that should be shared around the world.

“This was an opportunity for the Arab world to get a World Cup, to hold one of if not the biggest sporting events in the world.”

Beckham also hinted that he knew the ‘right people’ to own United after years of mediocrity under the Glazers.

“We are one of the, if not the biggest club in the world. We want stability,” he said.

“I think that’s the most important thing.


David Beckham Manchester United

David Beckham won six Premier League titles during his glittering spell at Manchester United


“We all have our favourites of who we feel needs to run the club and look after the club to take it back to where it belongs.

“In our eyes, in the eyes of the fans, we are number one.

“We want to be back at the top and I believe I know the right people to do that so we’ll see!”

United have been owned by the Glazers ever since 2005.

They were initially successful, winning five league titles prior to Ferguson’s retirement in 2013.

The trophies have dried up, however, with United securing just four pieces of silverware in the decade since.


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