Chris Kamara felt like a ‘dinosaur’ after a woman ignored him because of the presenter’s kindness

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Chris Kamara felt like a ‘dinosaur’ after a woman ignored him because of the presenter’s kindness – Gudstory

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Chris Kamara has claimed he felt like a ‘dinosaur’ after he offered a woman a seat on the Tube but was turned down.

The former Sky Sports pundit was traveling from Heathrow to King’s Cross at the time of the incident and turned to Ax to explain what happened.

Kamra, fondly known as ‘Kammi’ to millions of fans, says he offered a seat on the Tube to a ‘mature’ woman.

However, he rejected the offer and left feeling like a ‘dinosaur’ at the age of 66. She apparently responded by saying ‘Why would I need that?’

Chris Kamara

Chris Kamara has spoken out after being insulted by a woman on the Tube


“I looked at him with contempt,” he said on X.

“On reflection, I never offered my seat to anyone of mature age. So I’m sorry. Courtesy is dead.

“I’ve been chewing on this since Tuesday night and I realized I’m still a dinosaur.

“I regret and admit that I was wrong and hope not to do it again.”

Fans immediately backed Kamara and defended the former Sky presenter, with one user saying: “As a mature woman, I appreciate your good behaviour.

Another said: “Don’t let this one ill-mannered woman stop you from being kind Chris

“Never feel bad for doing the right thing.”

A third said: “You’re a gentleman and a great guy Cami. Just another person who wants to be offended. Stay friends.”

The fourth said: “Supreme Man Cami, I would also offer the seat, valor is developed over many generations.”

And the fifth simply said: “You are a gentleman.”

Kamara has openly discussed his battle with apraxia, a neurological condition that can affect speech.

And he said in his autobiography, released last year, that he was initially terrified after his diagnosis.

He wrote, “I was worried about where I was going. Would my physical and neurological decline continue to progress? And I was even more worried about how it would affect the people around me.”

“I am a person who has always wanted to help, love and nurture people around me. And now I could only see myself as a burden.

“I was a shell of the man who would be left to their care.”

He added: “Looking at myself like that was like staring into an abyss.

“I could never reconcile that image in my mind. It was unimaginable.

“And at that point I’d think, ‘They’d be better off without me.’

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Chris Kamara

Chris Kamara was given MBE in 2023


Kamara worked with Sky Sports for 24 years before his departure.

He was given an MBE last year.


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