Celebrities Who Help All Year Long: Beyonce, Travis Kelce and Others Who Help the Needy

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Celebrities Who Help All Year Long: Beyonce, Travis Kelce and Others Who Help the Needy – Gudstory

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While the holidays are all about giving back, many stars make charity a core part of their routine throughout the year.

Beyonce Launched her BeyGood nonprofit in 2013 to promote a society “where everyone has the opportunity to prosper.” The organization recently launched a $1 million initiative to help businesses and communities impacted by economic inequities at the Black Parade Route Small Business Impact Luncheon. Then, in both Chicago and Atlanta, BeyGood gave $10,000 grants to small business owners to further their ventures.

professional football player travis kels It’s also all about giving back. Kelce, who was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013, posted 87 more rushing starts two years later. According to the nonprofit’s website, it aims to empower “disadvantaged youth to achieve success by providing resources and support in their local communities” and “developing their talents in the areas of education, professional athletics, STEM and the arts.” Is designed for.

Because of Kelce’s generosity, 87 & Running (named after his NFL jersey number) has allowed more than 2,300 children to receive distance learning support, after-school enrichment, tutoring and greater access to inspirational speakers.

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Putting their money where their mouth is! Besides walking red carpets and living glamorous lives, these celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Lauren Conrad, and Matt Damon, are working hard to make the world a better place. Read about their donation!

Kelsea, 34, is possibly tied up with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, more than giving back, as the pop star uses her big reputation to help communities in need. (Kells and Swift, 34, have been dating since summer 2023.)

Celebrities Who Help All Year Long Beyonce Travis Kelce And Others Who Help Those In Need 514

Beyoncé, Travis Kelce. Getty Images (2)

Following the deadly tornadoes that swept across Tennessee in December, Swift reportedly donated $1 million to the Tennessee Emergency Response Fund. (Swift has called Nashville home since she was a teenager and breaking into the music industry.)

Additionally, Swift made sure to support those in need during her performance eras tour The concerts, which began in March. They have donated to local food banks, including Second Harvest to the Silicon Valley Food Bank. Second Harvest noted that Swift’s assistance helped “nourish an average of nearly 500,000 people each month” in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, California.

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giving back. Celebrities may be beloved by people all over the world, but it’s not a one-sided relationship. Stars like Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban appreciate their fans, going out of their way to make sure their supporters know they’re appreciated through acts of kindness. For some, like Drake […]

Beyonce, Kelsey, and Swift aren’t the only stars known for helping others. Meryl Streep And George Clooney It was instrumental in helping actors out of work during the SAG-AFTRA strike earlier this year. (The labor union voted to go on strike in July after contract negotiations with the film studios stalled. They eventually reached an agreement in November.)

Streep, 74, and Clooney, 62, teamed up to lead a donation campaign, and each contributed $1 million of their own money to the cause. Their efforts ultimately raised more than $15 million for SAG-AFTRA’s Emergency Financial Assistance Program, thanks to generous donations made by fellow A-listers. Matt Damon And Leonardo Dicaprio,

To learn more about how the stars are Harry Styles And jason momoa To Bethenny Frankel Give back, watch the video above.


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