‘Capitulation to the woke brigade!’ Henry Bolton blasts calls for black female James Bond

‘Capitulation to the woke brigade!’ Henry Bolton blasts calls for black female James Bond

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The next James Bond being a black female would be a “capitulation to the woke brigade”, Henry Bolton has suggested.

The former UKIP leader made the point during a passionate rant on GB News.

An expert told the Daily Telegraph that spy chiefs are keen for a black female James Bond in a bid to drive diversity in the intelligence services.

John Taylor, who worked in the Foreign Office for 30 years, said many people apply to MI6 as they are “envious” of 007’s glamorous lifestyle and casting a black actor or actress could draw a diverse range of applicants.

Henry Bolton and Daniel Craig

The former UKIP leader has waded in on the James Bond row


Speaking on GB News, Bolton hit out at woke revamps of stories such as James Bond, repeatedly questioning “why do it?”

Questioned by Patrick Christys whether a black female depiction of the character would be an ultimate sign of a “capitulation to the woke brigade”, Bolton said he “thinks so”.


“Why mess with it? Maybe Bond is outdated, I’m not arguing it isn’t”, he said.

“Why then take that story and change it? Why not create a modern story? If you think it’s outdated, I don’t argue.

“It’s like people taking out a 400-year-old house, taking out all the fittings, and turning it into a modern house, why mess with it?”

Speculation continues to ramp up over who will take over the Bond reins, with Idris Elba ruling himself out of the running in June this year.

Next James Bond announcement 2023

A James Bond producer has spoken out on what they are looking for from Craig’s successor

Eon Films

The actor had been touted by many as the frontrunner to replace Daniel Craig, but said he suffered “disgusting racism”, which put him off from taking the role.

Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has dropped hints on who the next actor could be, previously suggesting the next star could be any ethnicity, as long as they are British.

In 2021 box office hit No Time To Die, a black actress played a 007 agent in the form of Nomi, played by Lashana Lynch.

Nomi had taken over from the retired James Bond.

Bolton clarified his personal view as to who should take on the role, telling Patrick Christys he “doesn’t care” if the actor is black, but would prefer them to be a man.

“Bond can be black, I don’t have a problem with that”, he said.

“It’s like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider being a bloke. It doesn’t work. It’s totally unfair to tell recruits Bond reflects reality.

“If you’re recruiting people on the basis of James Bond, you’re talking to the wrong people.”


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