Caitlyn Jenner criticizes trans golfers and says they were ‘mediocre men’ before changing gender

 – Gudstory

Caitlyn Jenner criticizes trans golfers and says they were ‘mediocre men’ before changing gender – Gudstory

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Caitlyn Jenner has criticized trans golfer Hailey Davidson, saying she was an ‘average male player’ before she transitioned.

Davidson, who was born a man, recently won the NXXT Women’s Classic near Orlando, Florida.

As a result of his achievement he is now one step closer to earning a place on the Epson Tour.

And writing for the Daily Mail, Jenner has now criticized the golfer and expressed her belief that trans athletes should be banned from participating against biological women.

caitlyn jenner

Caitlyn Jenner takes aim at trans golfer Hailey Davidson


He wrote, “Davidson was never that impressive as a male athlete.”

“I have had many off-the-record conversations with people from across the competitive golf world, including the PGA, LPGA, LIV, Aramco, ownership groups and sponsors.

“His personal response is highly consistent.

“Davidson was a mediocre male golfer who never had a real chance to make it into the PGA.

“But now Davidson is in the running for one of the most coveted spots in the women’s game.

“How is this fair to women?”

He added: “Why can’t Davidson, who earned a college scholarship as a male athlete, compete against men?

“The obvious answer is that some trans athletes in the golf world and beyond will never admit that they will never make that cut.

“Davidson has become an example of what many trans people and allies fear – a self-centered person who is not thinking about the consequences of his actions and may, in fact, harm others.

“Finally, I ask the LPGA: Isn’t it time to admit that you made the wrong move?”

Jenner also feels that, as a trans woman, she has found ground to consider such a divisive issue.

“As the world’s greatest athlete at 26, a lifelong news and sports commentator, and the head of one of the world’s most famous families, it is my duty to add my voice to the fierce, evolving debate over transgenderism and elite athletic competition. Let me add,” he said.

“This divisive issue has erupted once again as the 30-year-old Davidson vie to earn a spot on the LPGA Tour after winning the NXXT Women’s Classic last week.

“Today, many people are afraid to speak out for fear of cancellation or retaliation.

“Well, I’m not afraid – and my approach, politely, can cut through so much noise.

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haley davidson

Haley Davidson recently caused controversy by winning a women’s golf tournament


“When I participated in the Olympics, I only thought about my competition.

“I respect him deeply and, of course, I have dedicated every part of my being to defeat him on an equal opportunity.

“But, respectfully, Davidson (who asks to be addressed with they/them pronouns) cannot claim to compete with the same esprit de corps.

“I am a transgender man who took up the game of golf at the age of 50, playing amateurly, non-competitively, with men and women of all ages.

“I certainly know that there are physical differences between men and women that cannot be erased by modern medicine – especially as individuals go through male puberty.

“And Davidson, who began gender transition at age 20 and had gender reassignment surgery six years later, is stronger than rivals.”

caitlyn jenner

Caitlyn Jenner has criticized trans women and believes they should not compete against biological women


Jenner further said that not only in golf, governing bodies should take action to prevent trans athletes from competing against biological women.

“The LPGA’s unfortunate decision has sent it down a slippery slope,” he said.

“More opportunities are likely to be taken away from women, which would further weaken the mission of the LPGA and cast a negative light on transgender people.

“This is not about one person, one governing body or one sport.

“This is a simple issue of fairness…and integrity.

“Golf should lead the way.”


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