ByteDance’s video editor CapCut targets businesses with AI ad scripts and AI-generated presenters


ByteDance’s video editor CapCut targets businesses with AI ad scripts and AI-generated presenters -Gudstory

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CapCut, the ByteDance-owned video editing app that became the company’s second app after TikTok to reach $100 million in consumer spending, is now expanding into business tools. Today known for its easy-to-use templates, strong integration with TikTok, and rapid adoption of AI effects and filters, CapCut has been a top consumer video editing app that now regularly makes the top 10 or 20 overall apps among iOS apps. Ranks in. gather. Now, the company will bring its set of tools to advertisers and creators with the launch of CapCut for Business.

This business-focused extension of the CapCut platform prioritizes tools that help marketers, brands, small businesses, and creators create ads and branded content. The company says that these tools will be made available on the CapCut app for desktop, mobile and tablet.

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The offering includes an AI-powered script generation tool that helps advertisers come up with script ideas based on their product or business description, as well as thousands of commercially licensed business templates, product URLs or landing pages. There is a smart tool to convert. Videos, and much more.

In addition to ad script creation, AI also plays a big role in the new service.

CapCut for Business also allows marketers to access AI-generated presenters who can showcase company products through demos and explainer videos. And a virtual try-on feature uses AI models to allow customers to try products virtually and create photos that showcase the product. This latter option is for e-commerce businesses and clothing merchants.

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Unlike consumer apps, CapCut for Business is designed for use across teams. Collaboration features let users work with other team members, agencies, and creators on their ads, where anyone can be allowed to edit, access, review, or add notes and suggestions.

While the tools can help businesses create videos to advertise their products on TikTok and other short-form video platforms, they can also be used for organic content — like those posted on a brand’s TikTok account. Gone videos, for example.

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Originally launched in China in 2019, CapCut expanded globally over the following years and grew in popularity thanks to its relationship with TikTok. As of August 2023, the app was used by 490 million iOS and Android users worldwide — about 25% of TikTok’s user base, market intelligence provider reports. Top markets outside China include the US, UK, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Brazil, which have seen significant growth in downloads in the first half of this year.

CapCut also overtook Splice to become the most profitable video editing app globally during the first half of 2023, hitting a record high of $50 million, making it ByteDance’s first to top $100 million globally. Another app was created. attributes the increased adoption and revenue gains to the recent introduction of AI features like templates, effects and filters. For example, after adding generic AI templates and effects this April, CapCut saw a spike in downloads, which was followed by steady revenue growth, the firm said. ByteDance also offers a CapCut plugin for ChatGPT users.

Now the company is making its editing app not only a way for consumers to create compelling videos for social media, including TikTok, but also for marketers to easily do so without spending heavily on advanced video editing software. Is. In selected case studies, CapCut reports that business users were able to increase their video output, views and engagement, sometimes by three-digit percentages, and in other cases were able to reduce average CPMs and increase online sales . Of course, broader real-world results won’t be available until the software gets into the hands of more marketers.

The new CapCut for business software is available to brands, marketers, and creators starting today.


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