Britney Spears’ fans troll Justin Timberlake by making her ‘Selfish’ song chart

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Britney Spears’ fans troll Justin Timberlake by making her ‘Selfish’ song chart – Gudstory

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Britney Spears fans troll her by making her 'Selfish' song chart instead of Justin Timberlake

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. J for GLAAD. Merritt/Getty Images; Amous/ACE Pictures/InstarImages

Britney Spears There is a message for the fans Justin Timberlake: Cry us a river.

Timberlake, 42, began his comeback on Thursday, January 25 with the release of “Selfish”, his first solo single in five years. However, Spears fans had other plans in mind. Spears, 42, made the allegations about her turbulent relationship with Timberlake in her 2023 memoir, the woman inside meHis fans got a little revenge by streaming his 2011 song “Selfish” instead of Timberlake’s new tune.

The campaign appears to have started thanks to a Britney Spears fan account on Instagram called @BritneyTheStan. Claiming that Spears will “release new single, ‘Selfish'” on Thursday, the post prompted all of Spears’ followers to start streaming the track.

Spears’ “Selfish” is from the deluxe edition of her 2011 album, femme fatale, Their song entered the top 40 of the US iTunes chart the same day Timberlake’s comeback single dropped. At the time of this writing, Timberlake’s “Selfish” is at number 1, while Spears’ “Selfish” is at number 4.

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Spears’ followers have been at odds with Timberlake since she released “Cry Me a River” in 2002, accusing Spears of infidelity in the song’s lyrics and music video. He and Spears dated from 1999 to early 2002. While “Cry Me a River”, released in November 2022, does not mention Spears by name, the actress in the video resembled Spears.

Spears wrote the woman inside me “There was no way to tell my side of the story” after the video was released. She wrote, “I can’t explain, because I knew that once Justin explained his point to the world, no one would take my side.” “I don’t think Justin realized his power to embarrass me. I don’t think he has understood yet.”

Spears also claims in the book that she had an abortion while dating Timberlake in the early 2000s because he did not want to be a father. “He said we weren’t ready to have a child in our lives because we were too young,” she recalled. She terminated the pregnancy but noted that if it were only up to her she “would never have done it”.

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Elsewhere in the memoir, Spears claimed Timberlake ended their three-year relationship via text message. After this, he went to her home in Louisiana to deliver a handwritten breakup letter, which she still stores at her home today.

Timberlake’s “Selfish” is the first single from his upcoming album, everything i thought, 2018 follow up jungle man Will arrive on Friday, March 15th. Timberlake also announced forget tomorrow’s world tour, his first in five years. The first leg of North American dates begins on Monday, April 29 in Vancouver, Canada.


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