Belgium and Sweden fans show their enthusiasm with emotional chants inside the stadium after the horrific terrorist attack

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Belgium and Sweden fans show their enthusiasm with emotional chants inside the stadium after the horrific terrorist attack – Gudstory

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Belgium and Sweden fans chant ‘All together, all together’ as they are lined up inside the stadium following the terrorist attacks in Brussels on Monday night.

A gunman opened fire and killed two Swedish fans, wounding a third, before kicking off the King Baudouin Stadium.

According to widespread reports, players from Belgium and Sweden opted to cancel the match and refused to play the second half.

Victor Gyokares had given the visitors an early lead, after which Roma striker Romelu Lukaku equalized for his country.

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UEFA confirmed the cancellation of the game, saying: “Due to the events that took place in Brussels tonight, the game is suspended.

“Our thoughts are with all those affected.

With the gunman at large, fans remained inside the stadium until the early hours of the morning.

Sweden supporters were held until 4am, with terrorists believed to be specifically targeting the country’s people.

While stuck inside the ground, fans of both the sides showed their enthusiasm with slogans of ‘Sab Ek Saath, Sab Ek Saath’.

There is more to life than football and their display of unity on a tense evening was touching for everyone involved.

Some people watching the match cried while watching the match, the emotions are seen at their peak in the pictures.

The shooting took place on the Boulevard d’Ypres, within three miles of the field.

A third fan is recovering in hospital after being shot, while the suspected gunman has been shot and arrested by Belgian authorities.

Spokesman Eric Van Deuse confirmed the news Tuesday morning, saying, “This individual claims to be inspired by the Islamic State.

“The Swedish nationality of the victims was put forward as a possible motive.”

He also allayed fears that the firing was related to the ongoing war in Gaza.

“At this time, there are no elements indicating a possible connection with the Israeli-Palestinian situation,” he said.

The Swedish FA then released a statement of their own, saying: “Message to Swedish supporters on site in Brussels: Belgian police want Swedish supporters to remain at the ground for security reasons.

“Attend information from on-site officials, officials and SVFF (Swedish Football Association) staff.

“We will return when the Belgian authorities provide us with new information.

“Stay calm and take care of each other. Our thoughts are with all the relatives of those affected in Brussels.”

Sweden head coach Jan Andersson confirmed last night that his players wanted the game postponed due to fears for the safety of their fans.

“I got this information when I came down for a break,” he said.

“Immediately, I thought this was completely unrealistic. What kind of world do we live in today?

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“I came into the locker room and when the team started talking we were in 100 percent agreement that we did not want to play out of respect for the victims and their families.”

Former Manchester United star Bojan Djordjic became emotional as he discussed the terrorist attack live.

“It is not just Sweden, Europe, the world that is in darkness,” he said.

“I’m holding back my tears, we’re talking about a game, a game. I love this game, but this life means everything and much more.

“Two of our countrymen were brutally murdered on the streets of Brussels.

Belgian blood

Blood seen on the floor in Belgium after two Sweden football fans were murdered in the country


“And we have to play for the next 45 minutes? Security, it’s about 45 minutes, an hour.

“Let these wonderful Swedish supporters remain on the field, keep the police on high alert and get them safely to their hotels.

“Do you think a Swedish national player would want to go out and play 45 more minutes with this information? Who are we kidding?

“We suspend games because of empty plastic cups being thrown. And we’re supposed to play football?

“I love football, but please, right now it’s not priority one, two or three. We’re talking about reality.

“Honestly, do you guys want to be on the air right now to talk about football? It’s dark, it’s not just our society, it’s all messed up. I’m holding back tears.”


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