Apple Podcasts is getting auto-generated transcripts with iOS 17.4


Apple Podcasts is getting auto-generated transcripts with iOS 17.4 -Gudstory

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Apple’s first-party Podcasts app is getting support for transcripts in the upcoming iOS 17.4 update. The company says transcripts will be automatically generated by Apple’s software, will appear for English, French, German, and Spanish-language podcasts immediately after upload, and will be viewable in “more than 170 countries and territories.” .

This feature will make it much easier to find and jump to the point in the podcast that interests you most. Transcripts are searchable for specific words and phrases, which can be tapped to jump straight to the corresponding point in the episode. You can also read along with the transcript while an episode is playing, and see each word highlighted as it is spoken aloud. Per 9to5MacThe feature is accessible through a new “Quotes” icon in the bottom toolbar of the app.

Although Apple’s software is capable of automatically generating transcripts, it says podcasters can provide their own transcripts. Alternatively they can download and edit one of Apple’s auto-generated transcripts before uploading it again. Although Apple’s transcripts will include spoken words, the company says it will not transcribe music lyrics. Transcripts for back catalog episodes “will be added over time.”


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