Alix Earl reveals the real reason she broke up with MLB’s Tyler Wade: ‘He didn’t support me’

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Alix Earl reveals the real reason she broke up with MLB’s Tyler Wade: ‘He didn’t support me’ – Gudstory

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alix earl After making headlines last year for openly discussing their separation, she is clarifying the situation tyler wade On TikTok Live.

“Everyone was saying, ‘Alix Earl broke up with her boyfriend because he wouldn’t post on Instagram,’ and I was so embarrassed because that wasn’t even the reason for our breakup,” the 23-year-old TikTok star shared. ” Thursday, December 28, episode of his podcast, “Hot Mess.”

Earl went public with MLB player Wade, whom she refers to as her “baseball boy”, in September 2022, but their relationship only lasted three months. Earl revealed Thursday that she broke up with Wade, 29, because he was “toxic” and unsupportive of her.

“He was very nice in the beginning,” she said. “And then we started dating, and at the same time I started gaining followers on social media, and for some reason, that increased her popularity. This was not right for him.

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Earle’s TikTok career began in late 2022 when several of his “Get Ready With Me” videos went viral. She continued to grow her following by opening up about her struggles with acne and anxiety and sharing glimpses of her luxurious Miami lifestyle. It was around this time that her relationship with Wade began to heat up.

Alix Earl reveals the real reason she broke up with MLB Tyler Wade, he didn't support me

Alix Earl, Tyler Wade Taylor Hill;Chris Bernacchi/Getty Images(2)

Earl claimed, “He must really be that poisonous.” “Everything I did was keep going. “They didn’t support me at all, especially when it came to social media.”

After breaking up with Wade, fans were curious as to what caused the breakup. When Earl was repeatedly asked in the comments of a December 2022 livestream about what had happened, he announced their separation, sharing that he refused to post it on his Instagram.

“I’ll start right away[ed] We’re talking relationships,” Earl recalled. “And the moment I walked out of that livestream, my life flashed before my eyes as I watched screen recording after screen recording of me talking about Baseball Boy on this livestream.”

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While his social media use — or lack thereof — was a factor in the two’s breakup, Earle said that’s not the whole story.

“We were only dating for three months, I wouldn’t expect someone to post me on their Instagram,” she said. “But the problem was that he lied straight to my face about this argument, and that’s what bothered me.

Still struggling with her newfound fame, Earl didn’t know how to handle the reaction from the livestream. She shared that she “had gone into hiding”, was “mentally faltering” and had even seen her doctor about her increasing anxiety. While at the time he felt guilty about his words, after a year of reflection Earl has no regrets.

Alix Earl reveals the real reason she broke up with MLB Tyler Wade, he didn't support me

Braxton Berrios and Alix Earl. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

“Now that I’ve taken a year off from talking about this topic, I realize that a lot of bad, terrible things happened in that relationship and I say, ‘You know what, get it out. ,Alix,” she said.

Earle has since moved on with “NFL Man”. Braxton Berrios, The pair made their red carpet debut at the 2023 ESPYs in July. Earl shared Thursday that Berrios, 28, happily supports him and his social media career.

“The fact that NFL Man now supports me and lets me edit a video on his phone without yelling at me is great to see,” she said.


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