Alan Titchmarsh admits he may leave TV career forever due to fears of ‘horrible’ cancel culture

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Alan Titchmarsh admits he may leave TV career forever due to fears of ‘horrible’ cancel culture – Gudstory

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Love Your Weekend presenter Alan Titchmarsh has addressed his fear of working in the spotlight amid today’s cancel culture.

Since his first on-screen appearance in the 1980s, Titchmarsh has avoided any relatively major on-screen controversy or cancellation, making it to number 74.

But before he turns 75 next year, Titchmarsh has now admitted he finds cancel culture “horrible” and has even considered leaving showbiz forever if “the anxiety became too much”.

Deliberately avoiding mentioning the word “woke” in a new interview, Titchmarsh explained: “I’m afraid now that I’m getting too old to subscribe to all the current sentiments.

“What concerns me most is that there is a growing faction of people who try to make you think this or that, even if that’s not what you said or what you meant.

He surmised, “Tolerance should work both ways.” “And I don’t think that’s always the case perfectly.”

alan titchmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh talks about cancel culture fears

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Gardener admitted that she is “very careful” due to the “awful” nature of cancel culture and added: “And if there ever came a time when that stress and that worry became too much for me or my family, I think I’ll say, enough. I’ll leave.

“It’s the first time I’ve admitted this. But I’ve done well,” he told the Telegraph.

Titchmarsh also told the publication that he finds it “heartbreaking” to see the sudden cancellation of prominent figures in the world of showbusiness in recent years.

But while he’s no stranger to the devastating consequences that falling into the clutches of cancel culture can have on one, Titchmarsh has no plans to retire just yet.

alan titchmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh still appears regularly on screen on ITV’s Love Your Weekend

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Since Mirren is not Jewish, she was criticized for playing Mir and accused of “Jewface” – similar to Bradley Cooper, who wore a prosthetic nose to play Leonard Bernstein in Netflix’s Maestro.

Mirren addressed the “totalitarianism” in today’s creative landscape thanks to cancel culture, as she told Radio Times: “I think, in a way, it’s more frightening for a writer to say that. That they are not allowed to write about subjects with which they do not have an immediate DNA connection.

“I think that would be very worrying and ridiculous.”

Titchmarsh returns to screens every Sunday morning on ITV’s Love Your Weekend.


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