Adam Brody and Leighton Meester Have a Cult Favorite and 9 Other Revelations from Their Interview

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Adam Brody and Leighton Meester Have a Cult Favorite and 9 Other Revelations from Their Interview – Gudstory

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Adam Brody and Leighton Meester have a cult favorite
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adam brody And Leighton Meester Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf would be proud of their witty rapport.

The pair sat down to chat about their relationship, parenthood, favorite movies and even their favorite cult in a new interview Interview magazine. In the article published on Friday, December 22, Brody, 44, takes the driver’s seat and pops the question to Meester, 37, to promote her new holiday rom-com. xmasNow streaming on Prime Video.

The actors have been married since 2014 and have two children. They usually keep their relationships and family away from the limelight but were not afraid to share some previously unknown details about their lives in their conversations.

Meester said at one point, “I think it’s one of the most fun things we’ve ever done together.” “Just because of the presence of the recording device and how eager we are to have the entire conversation without interruption. It’s ridiculous that we can do this and try to take away all the teasing.”

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Keep reading for the 10 most interesting things We Learned from his interview:

1. They have a favorite cult

Brody asked his wife, ‘What’s your favorite sect?’

“Oh my God. There are so many good things,” the Gossip Girl alum replied. Brody then shared, “Can I just say this? I feel like we’re an NXIVM family.

Meester agreed, “Yeah, we’re an NXIVM family.”

Based in upstate New York, NXIVM was a cult founded by keith raniere, smallville Actress alison mack He was also a prominent member of NXIVM. Both were convicted of sex trafficking, among other crimes, and sentenced to prison. Raniere is currently serving a 120-year sentence while Mack was released early from his 3-year sentence in 2023.

2. They are not yellers

While the pair discussed acting techniques, Brody pointed out that he’d never seen Meester “f–king pee on screen.”
The actress then asked if he had ever seen him like this in real life, to which he replied, “No.”

“You’re not just going to yell,” Brody said.

“You’re not even supposed to scream,” Meister said. “I mean, honestly, we’re adults. Who screams? this is madness.”

3. Meister does not bathe – only takes bath

When Brody asked Meester if she showered today, the actress joked that it was “an important question”, adding that it was something she would not discuss with “almost any other interviewer”. Will do.

“But the answer is always yes,” she continued. “It is not raining. This is a bath. Even if it is small.”

4. They watch ‘Home Alone’ all year long

Home Alone Cast Where Are They Now?
cover images

After saying that he doesn’t have a favorite Christmas movie other than xmasMeester reveals that she and Brody see home alone Throughout the year.

“I guess we’ll see home alone Often, not just around the holidays,” she said.

,home alone It’s like the best,” Brody agreed.

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5. Brody got Meester’s ‘best gift ever’

The couple also discussed Christmas gifts, prompting Meester to tell Brody that he gives “the best gifts.”

She added, “The gifts you’ve given me are all things I use every day.”

Brody responded, “I can go in any direction by being positive. “I actually bought you a frying pan.”

“Yeah, but we use it every day,” Meister said.

Meester also announced some of Brody’s other great gifts, including a Vitamix, a slow cooker, Fleetwood Mac concert tickets, and surfing gear.

“You know what to get and then you handle it,” she said.

6. Meister used positive affirmations during pregnancy

To stay busy on set, Meester said she enjoys doing yoga in her trailer as well as reciting positive affirmations, noting that she had a specific set of affirmations during her pregnancy.

“You heard me say this,” he said.

Brody replied, “I heard about the pregnancy.”

Meester then confirmed the pregnancy: “Natural, normal, healthy and safe.”

7. Paparazzi vandalize Meester’s trailer on ‘Gossip Girl’

During a discussion about crazy fan experiences, Brody reminded Meester of a particularly “scary” moment on the set of Gossip Girl.

“I remember you woke up in your trailer gossip Girl And someone was standing over you,” he said.

“Oh yes. That was scary,” Meester replied. “That wasn’t a fan, that was paparazzi. But the line is great.”

He added, “I haven’t thought about it in a long time and I think I probably just decided not to think about it.”

8. He likes to be an acting partner

The pair appears together in the 2023 adventure thriller wild riverAn experience which Meister watched with great interest.

She said, “You’re the person I want to work with all the time.” “You are my best friend, and the best acting partner I could ever ask for. It was very familiar, so I felt very safe and comfortable doing all those intense scenes.

9. Meister struggles with ‘self-doubt’ in motherhood

Meester admitted that while she is proud to be a mother to her two children, she is also prepared for self-doubt and worry.

“All I can do is take it one day at a time,” she said. “But when I’m with my kids, my kids, I feel like all I can do is just be present. Then when I’m working I miss them like crazy. It’s hard as a mom not to feel like you’re not doing enough and I think that’s always going to be reinforced by our society.”

In response to Brody’s question about how motherhood has affected her career, Meester said it has given her “a lot more compassion, and a different level of appreciation for other people and a sensitivity that I don’t think I have.” Was there ever before.” ,

10. Meister likes to lose his voice

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester have a cult favorite
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

When discussing career opportunities, Meester said she would love to play a character who sings, but did not want to do a Broadway musical due to the physical demands.

“It’s a real marathon,” she said. “Like every single day, eight times a week, and there is hope. You have to pray that you don’t lose your voice, that you don’t get sick, that you don’t get depressed.”

“You like it when you lose your voice,” Brody retorted, to which Meester agreed, “I like it.”

He added, “It’s psychological.” “Or longer Covid. One or the other.”


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