Windows 11 tests energy saving mode for both laptops and desktop PCs


Windows 11 tests energy saving mode for both laptops and desktop PCs -Gudstory

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Microsoft is adding an Energy Saver mode for Windows 11 Insiders (Build 26002) that “extends and enhances” the existing Battery Saver option. The new mode doesn’t just apply to laptops like Battery Saver – you can also If you also want to save power then use energy saver on desktop computer.

Aside from availability on both desktop devices and laptops (regardless of whether they’re plugged in), Energy Saver works largely the same as Battery Saver mode. The new feature also helps save energy by “reducing some system performance”, so you might not want to use it if you’re gaming.

You can enable Energy Saver from the quick settings menu, or you can configure it by going to the Settings menu System > Power > Energy Saver, There, you can turn the feature on or choose to have it run automatically whenever your device reaches a certain battery percentage. Energy Saver Mode is now rolling out to Windows 11 Insiders in the Canary Channel.

If you don’t have access to this build, you can still use the existing Battery Saver mode available to everyone with Windows 11. You can also optimize your power consumption with the system’s Energy Recommendation feature, which automatically adjusts certain settings like screen brightness. , to save electricity.


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