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  • Wendell Holland publicly addresses cheating rumors and takes responsibility for his actions.
  • The rumor also involved a former winner Survivor Recently scammed a winner and gifted him a Louis Vuitton charm bracelet.
  • It was rumored that Wendell’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child had left after discovering the cheating.

Survivor fans saw for the first time Wendell Holland But Survivor: Ghost Island, he won by losing angela perkins In the challenge of making fire. he came back later winner in war And came in 13th place. Furniture designer came out later hgtv and continues talking about new Survivor season’s And organizes parties.

Wendell recently came into focus again due to a cheating rumor involving a newly evicted winner. Fans had to try to solve a puzzle that hinted at the identities of the players. He later confirmed being the subject of the rumor and publicly addressed the situation.



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survivor’s Wendell Holland Admits He’s Not Honest About His Family Life

De Valladares poses for a promo shot for 'Survivor 45'
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There was a rumor that a past Survivor The winner was caught cheating with the recent winner of the show. There were screenshots of a direct message x Claiming that the previous winner’s mother found out that her partner had purchased a louis vuitton Charm bracelet and gifted it to the new winner in the finale premiere. The girlfriend first thought it was his Christmas gift and became suspicious when she didn’t receive it. The post claimed that the previous winner and the new winner met at a watch party in May 2023, the same month their child was born. Then there were rumors that the ex-girlfriend had moved out with his son.


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People suspected that the rumor might be about Wendell and de valladares, Wendell then addressed the situation x His statement on January 5 said, “Although I think people’s private lives should remain private, I will clarify the situation with some facts.” ,My girlfriend and I broke up. I take responsibility for this. I am sorry for whatever happened. The person with whom the Internet is connecting me also deserves my forgiveness. From November to late December we became closer and I was dishonest with her about my family life. I created a situation that was unfair to both parties and although I have personally apologized to both, I would like the community to know that I am sorry too. Thank you.” He later removed this statement.

Dee has not addressed the situation publicly. survivor 45 ended with d and Austin Lee Koon In the last three. They admitted that they had feelings for each other, but would not back down in trying to present their case to the jury. Dee won after revealing how much information she had hidden from Austin. He then answered if they dated after filming.

“It’s been a whirlwind of emotions and we’ve decided to keep it low-key for now,” he said. Entertainment Weekly, “It’s pretty crazy and it’s getting even crazier. So we’ve decided to keep it low-key for now, just because it’s crazy.” Then he explained what he meant by low-key. ,You’ll see pictures here and there, but we won’t focus on that right now because we have a lot going on in our lives and yes, we’ll keep it to a minimum for now.” He said.

Season 46 of Survivor will premiere on February 28, 2024, on CBS. All seasons of Survivor are available to stream on Paramount+.Watch on Paramount+


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